Essay Reference – Cite and Refer, That is the Rule

Essay Reference – Cite and Refer, That is the Rule
Essay Reference – Guidelines
Essay writing is a mandatory task for all students of any class or subject. It may be a junior school student choosing from middle school essay topics or it maybe a high school student looking for a high school research topic or it maybe someone doing a thesis paper. All are required to master the art of academic essay writing irrespective of whether they like it or not. There are many things that go into essay writing. First one must think of various good research topics. Choosing a scintillating and stimulating writing topic is an important parameter for the success of the essay. While choosing a topic one must keep in mind that it should be interesting to the reader and writer both. There are many topics like sociology paper topics, personal essay topics, middle school essay topics, scientific research paper topics, history research paper topics etc. to choose from, all depending on the subject and interest of the student. There are also various types of essays to choose from according to what the instructor has asked for or what the student may find to be interesting. After zeroing on a topic one has to know the different types of formatting and what format would suit the chosen theme or the formatting that the instructor has specified and it has to be religiously followed. Correct Essay references is another very important parameter and one will have to necessarily know the reference and citation patterns that are followed, to avoid charges of plagiarism. There are different types of formatting which the writer will have to know thoroughly before he sets of to write a paper. The MLA pattern and APA pattern or the Harvard or the Chicago format of essay writing are all in use and the essay will necessarily have to follow the set rules for the chosen format in the paper. Depending on the format the style of referencing will vary as each format has its own set rule and standards which one will have to follow with care.
Essay reference is an important aspect of a written paper. For a paper to be well written one necessarily will have to give various direct quotations from different other author’s works. These will have to be referenced at the end page to give due credit to the authors whose works have been taken. There are available may sample of references which one can go through to get ideas and the techniques of giving references correctly.
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