The Fieldwork

In the book “First Fieldwork, The misadventures of an anthropologist”, Anderson faced many challenges during her fieldwork. The two major challenges were understanding a different language and adapting to changes in amenities.
In the first chapter of the book, Anderson mentioned that she was not well prepared for her fieldwork in Denmark. Although her husband, Thor, was fluent in Danish, Anderson was not and had to try to learn some phrases by reading a book on her way to Denmark. Understanding and speaking the Danish language proved to be a great challenge for Anderson.
There are many occasions within the book where Anderson is unaware of the language. For example, in chapter three, Thor encouraged Anderson to participate in a cooking class. Although she understood some of the language, she seemed to get confused occasionally. Anderson was in charge of the meat loaf in the second group of her cooking class. Everything was going well with her cooking until on page 20, one of her group members, Poul, started to smell something. When directed by her instructor, Anderson went to check the meat loaf. It was later discovered that on page 22 Anderson read the recipe wrong. She misunderstood the word for flour and used sugar in the meat loaf instead.
R.I.P and his wife. Sitting at the table Anderson said nothing. She then thought of a phrase in which her husband Thor taught her at one of the restaurants. The phrase was supposed to mention how much she liked the meal. On page 97, she repeated this phrase to the hostess of their coffee hour. Later on page 98, we learned that the phrase actually meant “that tasted goddamned good”. Anderson was embarrassed. If she had known the language, she would not have been manipulated to repeat such a phrase.
Another major challenge Anderson faced in her fieldwork was learning to adjust to different amenities such as baths and restrooms. In chapter four, Anderson has a concern with the way they are to take baths and showers. On page 26, she states that she is not comfortable using the public showers in the school house like other families. She thinks they way of life in Taarnby is way too public. Thor insists that he and Anderson go to Copenhagen to have a Danish style bath. This still worries Anderson but she agrees. While at the bathhouse, Anderson encounters many problems and doesn’t have a pleasurable experience.
Along with bathhouses and public showers, Anderson and her family had a problem with their outhouse. In chapter ten, the weather was extremely cold. Therefore using the restroom required them to leave their house to go outside and use the outhouse. They also had a chamber pot but they refused to use it. Anderson was not fond of these changes in amenities. On page 89, her husband Thor, stated that he could take no more of his daughters six o’clock in the morning trips to their outhouse.
After reading this book I learned that fieldwork is not easy. There are tremendous lifestyle changes that must occur to complete your study. Anderson and her family went through

The Fieldwork 9.3 of 10 on the basis of 2909 Review.