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Assignment 2

Rickert Kruger: 201006327
Rickert Kruger
Project manager, Human Resources
Best Bridges; Design and Construction
194 Gilmore Avenue
Cape Town

01 October 2010
Brad Smith
35 Panther Street
Cape Town

Dear Brad

On behalf of the team at Best Bridges, I would like to welcome you as our new site foreman and congratulate you on your new position. We look forward to having you on board soon.

As per our discussions, you will begin your working term on the 1st January 2011 on a ten month contract, therefore expected to expire on the 30th October 2011. As agreed in your contract, your monthly salary for the duration of the given period will be R10 000,00 less PAYE, and UIF as well as Medical Aid and Pension fund. You will receive your salary, paid directly into your account, on the first of every month. Attached are forms that need to be completed and sent to us with two copies of your ID and Passport before the commencement of your contract.

As mentioned, the positioned that you will be filling is the site foreman on our current project in Limpopo. You will be in charge of the formwork, reinforcing and concrete works.

As the site is in Limpopo, near Polokwane, it would involve relocating to the area. Best Bridges will provide rented accommodation free of charge to you and your immediate family. A certain amount for relocation compensation will be paid, within reason. A company vehicle will be made available to you for your work as well as private usage, subject to company vehicle policy rules.

You are required to report to the Limpopo head office, 78 Dingo Road, on the 1st January 2011 at 08:00 am.

Should you have any further queries I can be contacted on 0790499986 or at [email protected] . We wish you well with your future at Best Bridges.

Yours sincerely

Rickert Kruger

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