Kelly Stendahl
WRT 101
September 28, 2010
Narrative Essay

The warm breeze of Turks and Caicos air moisturized my entire body as I emerged from the calm, clear Caribbean sea. The white baby powder sand had stuck to my feet and exfoliated the bottoms of them with every step I took. I remember the sunshine casting down fiercely on the hand made, straw tiki huts where my mother was sitting. I was so content and relaxed, spending my vacation in paradise.
Slowly, I looked up only to see my moms face, once again, looking pissed off. I began to get frustrated, I mean, how could you not be in utter bliss while staying in such an enchanting location. My feet trudged up towards my moms chair as if they were being held down my weights. The closer I was to where she sat the more confused I became. I thought she was sweating and in a bad mood, when really it was tears coming down her face. I immediately sprinted towards the chair as if I were competing in one of my track meets. Once at the chair, she only spoke soft words stating “we need to leave now,” and I knew exactly what this meant. Within thirty minutes of getting out of the ocean soaked in water, like instant replay, I found myself getting out of the shower, dripping with a mix of fresh water and salty tears.

Within a few hours my mom and I arrived at Raleigh Durham Airport, greeted by my Uncle Russ and cousins. A few words were said between everyone but just to be polite. We came up to a one level stone building, where we numbly walked into to say goodbye. My grandmother had been fighting off Alzheimer’s disease and was progressively getting worse. She resided in North Carolina, where she moved after my grandpa died. She was on a breathing machine and was now around seventy pounds give or take. Shortly after we saw her, my Grammy gently passed away.

During the wake, I was lost in a trance-like stare, until I saw my grandma! It obviously wasn’t her but it was an exact replica of her. In shock, I ran towards my mom gasping for air I couldn’t seem to find. I didn’t even say one word to my mom, just pointed intensely towards some woman. My mom told me it was her half-sister, Cindy, I never knew about until that day. Cindy was my grandmothers daughter but had another father. From what I know my grandma left that family for some reason and cause there to be some family feud that I never really understood. This feud kept us from talking and all of the cousins did not know about one another, I’m not sure if they tried to make it that way, but considering the circumstances, they decided to resolve whatever was going on. After that day I started sharing my life with my Aunt Cindy, Uncle Vinny and four others first cousins I never knew I had. They live about fifteen minutes from my house and we already shared so many memories together, like all of us going to the John Mayer concert together and spending Holidays with one another, something I value so much.

One other event that really caught my attention during the upsetting funeral of my grandmother, was watching my two parents finally get along. They had been divorced for a while and as long as I can remember never saw eye to eye, or agreed on anything. Everything between them, that I can remember, was a fight or not talking to one another. They had a bitter divorce and relationship after the split, which caused my sister and I to lose contact with my dad. He came to both the wake and funeral considering he was so incredibly close with my moms mother. I’ve never seen him cry so hard and show so much emotion in my life. But what hit my heart the most was after they lowered my Grammy into the ground, I watched my dad embrace my mom for a long time. It was so comforting, almost relieving to see and discover that maybe once before they had loved each other.

The passing of my grandmother was difficult for me and especially hard for my mom. But I feel so blessed that this funeral brought all of us closer together and cleared up some family issues that were keeping us all apart in the past. My moms half sister, Cindy, is such a big part of my life and I value the time I spend with her. If it weren’t for the unfortunate event of saying goodbye to someone who I loved dearly, I would have never gotten close to my Aunt Cindy and her whole family as well as started seeing my father again and seeing my parents get alone for once. I lost my beloved grandmother but in return, gained my father back and a whole new family I never knew existed. Funerals and the loss of loved ones can settle past issues between families.

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