I wanted to create an archive record for my films which are in my house. I wanted to write the name of the films, their formats (dvd, vcd and divx), imdb points ( the grades of discrimination), the dates when i bought them, the dates i watched them, the production dates of the films, the kinds of the films, the directors of the films.. and i gave to each one a number.
Because firstly, i wanted to know which films that i have and than i wanted to know the formats of the films. Sometimes, i have some films in two formats. For example when i buy a film vcd or divx format, if i like the film very much, i buy it also dvd format.
It's important to choose right computer program which makes me watch the films depending on the format. Because generally, i lost the baggages of the films, so i can't know what's its format is or which film this cd contains. With this archieve record i can know these kinds of informations everytime.
Moreover, it's important to know the last watching time. Because sometimes i forget the last watching time of some films and i remember that i've just seen it for few time ago when i start to watch the film. At the same time, i like to know for how many time i have this film.
I can easily reach these informations with this program, just writing their numers that i gave them on the cd's.
Furthermore, i can reach some special informations. For example, i can find easily one director's films after 1980's that i have or i can find a horror film just in dvd format with very good imdb points very easily.
Finally, this program is very useful to group my films and have special informations about them.

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