The Hunt

"My First Hunt"

It was Saturday morning and I woke up to the bouncing of my bed. I glanced over at the clock; it said 5:45 am. I jumped up and asked my brother why he woke me up so freaking early. "Get up bro, because you and I are going hunting." I said "Hunting?" I've never been hunting before. I agreed and got out of bed.

It was about 6:15 when I came out of my room and went into the kitchen where my dad was cooking breakfast. My brother was rounding up all of the hunting stuff that we would need for the whole day. "Dad are you going with us?" "No buddy I got stuff around here I have to do today." He was almost done with the bacon and eggs when my brother walked over and gave me some clothes to wear. The wardrobe consisted of some camouflage coveralls, boots, a jacket and a bright orange hat. My dad asked me if I was looking forward to going, and I said "Yea, I guess, I have just never shot at any animal before." "It will be okay son, you'll have fun." "I hope so." By the time I got dressed the food was ready. While we were eating, we discussed where we were going to go hunt at, finally we decided to go to my uncle's house.

We left the house at about 7:15, which my dad said was too late to get a good spot. We were going on private land so we would be the only ones in that area. It only took us about fifteen minutes to get to my uncle's house, but we still had a long walk into the mountains. As we were getting out of the truck my uncle came around the corner of the garage and gave us both a great big hug. "How have you boys been?" "Good, how about yourself?" "Creeping around boys, you know how us old people are." "Well boys, if you are ready to get going I can point you in the right direction where the monster bucks are." "Yep, I believe we are ready." "The best area to go is about a twenty minute walk straight up yonder, just keep walking straight and you will come up on a pretty open area." "Thanks uncle." "Alright boys, ya'll have fun now." My brother and I were headed off on our journey to the spot where the "monster bucks" were. He was right it took us about twenty minutes to get there, but he sure wasn't lying. The area was very wide open with an exception of a few trees , bushes, and thickets surrounding us. We planted up right underneath a huge tree and got our guns loaded up ready for action.

My brother had been hunting thousands of time before, so he knew what he was doing unlike me. When he would go hunting by himself he would somehow end up staying gone for hours at a time. I could not ever figure out how he would be gone that long, but I'm sure seeing how he did now. I was pumped up and ready to kill, I felt like an assassin on a mission. After we had been sitting there for hours, no signs of any deer, the excitement went away and I was officially getting very bored.

I gradually started to fall asleep up against the huge tree. I had been asleep for about ten minutes when my brother nudged me and woke me up. He said "Shhhh, you hear that?" I listened really hard; there was a rustling noise in the distance. "Yea I do." I was starting to get excited, praying that the noise would turn in to a "monster buck". My brother used a call to make the animal come in close enough for us to be able to see what it was. The noise began to get closer and closer. My brother looked through the binoculars we had and he said "It's a deer, a big buck at that." "Get the gun ready Jesse, he is still too far away to shoot, but be ready." About ten minutes later the buck came into range for me to shoot but he was still moving too much. I lifted my gun and got him in my sights. Now my adrenaline was pumping like crazy. The deer stopped and stood still, I got ready to pull the trigger when something spooked him. He took off and I shot. I waited for him to drop to the ground, but he didn't. I missed. My brother looked over and said "you almost had him big guy."

We didn't see anything else, so we headed back to Uncle Junior's. I was so embarrassed and disappointed that I missed the one and only deer we seen. He was huge too! We finally got back to my uncle's house. When he seen us he asked the one question that I was dreading everyone to ask "Did you see or shoot at anything?" My brother quickly answered "Nope we sure didn't." This surprised me that my brother had a big opportunity to embarrass me and he didn't. When we got home my parents asked the same question as my uncle and he responded exactly the same to them as he did him. I later thanked my brother for bailing me out from all of the embarrassment and he thanked me for going hunting with him. I had a lot of fun for the most part, but I doubt I will go hunting for a long time after this.

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