So many people are putting their health in danger by this nasty life taking produce. Smoking it's like a deadly disease that you can either choose to have it or not. Choosing not to is the best way to go for you will have better health. Life is so short why make it even shorter. If we could teach people about how smoking can harm your body then we could save many people from being addicted. Not only is smoking bad for you it's also unattractive.
Tobacco is highly addictive, and people who have smoked for many years show a higher death rate then non-smokers. Smokers lose an average of twenty to twenty five years of their lives compared to most non-smokers. To all the mothers out there children with parents who smoke have a higher risk of respiratory symptoms and have an increased frequency of bronchitis and pneumonia. Smoking effect many teen they get started at such a young age they don't stop to think about what it might do to them. Many teens underestimate their risk of death or endangering their health and creating an addiction that they will regret. Teens tend to ignore or think they will never get lung cancer or heart problems. Maybe they are thinking they can smoke until they get older, and have kids and a family then stop, but it is not that easy. When a person smokes a tobacco product, they inhale the smoke which contains nicotine as well as over five hundred chemicals. The person gets addicted to the nicotine, they feel as if they need nicotine in order to function normally. Another dangerous substance in smoking is carbon monoxide, which can cause heart problems.
Now we all know smoking is bad for your health so lets try to fix the problem. All the little thing will help, like trying to quit, telling people about the risk they are taking or even doing something big. Like banning cigarette advertising and promotion, and sponsorship of Tabasco products like what you see on nascars . Try to promote health education programs for the public especially teens. Put warnings on the packages, tobacco companies should tell the truth about there products like smoking is addictive, cigarettes cause cancer,heart, and lung diseases. Even though we know it will be hard to get rid of cigarettes at least make them with very low tar, because lung cancer death rates are much higher from high tar cigarettes.

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