The Crucible

In The Crucible there were some characters that were at the witch trials just to further their own position. The girls' mass hysteria was biggest help to these self-achievers because the girls accused anyone they felt was in their way by any means. The three people who's personal agenda revolved around the mass hysteria were Danforth, Mr. Putnam, Mrs. Putnam.

Danforth's personal agenda revolved around being as cruel as possible. This characteristic was demonstrated in just about every trial. He would be as stiff and as cold as he could possibly be, even in the trials that stood no ground; he found a manipulative loophole to find that person guilty.

Mr. Putnam's personal agenda was based on land, he wanted more and more land. This attribute stood out when anyone with a large amount of land was accused of witchcraft, he would step forth in some way or another and give the trial all the more reason to convict the accused, and for him to step in and overtake the land. This was exerted mostly towards

Mrs. Putnam's personal agenda was based on her children that all died, except one. She thought that anyone accused must be sided with the devil and that they helped to kill off her children, thinking that she was not a good enough person to bear and raise children. This factor was brought forth by her in just about every accusation.

In conclusion people that are out to only better things for themselves will do anything to anyone as long as they are a little better, or at least feel that way, in the end. This was also a big factor in the 1940's through the 1950's when the McCarthy era was taking place.

The Crucible 7.6 of 10 on the basis of 1507 Review.