MKTG-201 FALL 2008
Individual Assigment-2

1. Who is the target market for each ad and what needs of each target market are being appealed to?

The product line of ads I choose are real-estate companies.I compared advertisements of two different companies which are Cer Yapı its project called “Gala Town” and Akfen GYO & Sağlam İnşaat the project called “Levent Loft”.
Gala Town is stated in Anatolian side of Istanbul in Bayramoglu far from the city center. The project’s goal is surviving people from dark, crowded and stressed city life and provide them a new healthy, unstressed life. The project is for middle income families because the loans are between 125.000 and 340.000 YTL and the company presents different payment models to make easier paying the loans for its customers. Moreover you may pay at the end of the construction. The target market consists of families, retired people but also the company serves working class young adults. The projects includes studio apartments for people who wants to live individually. The concept is not only staying out of the city but also bringing basic needs near to the house and making the life easier by building the first shopping center and sport center in that area close to Gala Town. Additionally, there is a new construction in progress for especially children which is the biggest zoo and botanic garden of Istanbul. Also Gala town is near of Istanbul Park which is very interesting for men and boys.
Levent Loft is located right in the downtown of Istanbul in Levent. The company is building a resident and its goal is breaking the limits even if you live in the city center. The target segment of this project are consumers who prefer to live in the city .People who live alone or just single couples who work near that area choose to buy these apartments.This project is nor appropriate for families with children because around of the plaza is crowded of cars and full of companies plazas. The apartments have small gardens and not very healthy for growing children. People who have luxury lifestyle prefer this type of residents.The major target demand is high income class who like comfortable life and having lots of action even they are in the city center. In the resident you may experience going to sport center while making sport you also may have a walk with your dog. Moreover, you may swim in the pool and make scuba-diving. The project also provide a very convenience life by not having complication in car parking because it has car parking areas for each apartment inside of the apartment.
2. In relation to effectiveness of the ads:
a. In the advertisement of Gala Town the company is based on AIDA preferences. There is a catch phrase which is “Whatever you’re looking for you can find it in Gala Town”. You don’t need to go anywhere else. As you see it is a comparative advertisement. They oppose cosmopolitan city life against rural life in a very modern concept. It makes you give decision between these two subjects.It also contains knowledge which gives information about payment types, environment of the houses.
On the other hand the Levent Loft advertisement is more about Liking. The target market of the project have the ability of purchasing house in the most luxurious places of Istanbul but they prefer living in the city center. It presents a different life style , various comfort and diversity freedom concept.

b. Gala Town is the first construction project of CERYAPI which causes giving less trust to customers than other familiar companies. So it causes comparative disadvantage to the company. It shows itself in the prices of houses. The company made discounts and submit consumers different payment loans in long term. Because of these reasons we can make assumption that the company can not sale its houses frequently. The advertisement should give more information about the project and increase awareness of consumers about CERYAPI.
Levent Loft shows how people build up success in the city. The company sold most of the apartments, it is very popular. The point is that the company directly serves to their target needs, and the companies Sağlam Inşaaat & Akfen GYO are symbols for confidence. To improve the selling they should give more pictures about the location of residence.

c. ”Gala Town” s advertisement makes a positive impression on the consumer. On one side we see a very dark atmosphere unhappy people on the other side a peaceful town with hopeful people starting new lives. The comparison causes constructive effects on consumers. It makes people think that the bad sides of the urban life against the rural life.
“Levent Town” has very luxury image on the consumer the advertisement company choose a effective objective to catch the eyes of the target market. For high income class the point is if they like the product or if it covers their wishes.
3. Select one of the brands.
a.In “Gala Town” advertisement there should be given more knowledge about the producer company CERYAPI. To get the attention and interest it should be printed more pictures of the Project. Such as it is mentioned that most of the houses have clear view of sea but on the ad we just see a little bit of it. Faces of moving people are without any expression of senses whether they are happy or not.
b.If you are looking for more information there is a web side You may find detail information about the Project. On the web side you can reach pictures of apartments, life in Gala Town. There is a press room in which you read newspapers articles about the Project. Furthermore, there is a introduction movie you may watch everything about “Gala Town”. The web side also informs you about the financial part, payment models.
c.I found the advertisement from a magazine. The Project “GalaTown” is not well known which proves that the ads are not spread enough. The company may use the media, put commercials on TV or use newspapers to reach to customers.

Marketing 9.3 of 10 on the basis of 2924 Review.