Race and My Community Axia College of University of Phoenix I am a white, single mother of one. I live at Lakeview, Ohio. It is located in Logan County, and is part of the Bellefontaine metro area. The Estimated population in July 2006 was 1,079. My community is mainly full of white people, which vary in incomes. We do have sections in our community for certain incomes. You have the low, the moderate and wealthy incomes. Depending on your income is where you live in the community. Until I received a good job, I was low income. I lived in subsidized housing for about three years, but this really has nothing to do with different racial ethnicity. Although, depending on your racial background people tend to treat you differently. There is not many African American, Asian, or Hispanics that live in my community. People tend to treat other nationalities a bit different. I think this is why there are not many in the community. Lakeview is considered a village since it is not big enough to be considered a city or town. Lakeview does have a mayor, who is located on Main Street. The mayor’s name is Ryan Shoffstall. His secretary had no comments about the racism here, and told me that the mayor was too busy to answer my questions. Racism in my community always seems very high. The 2000 census recorded that there were 1,045 white people, there was one African American, three Asians, sixAmerican Indian or Alaskans, five Hispanics, and 14 mixed raced people living in Lakeview, Ohio. ( 2004-2008). As you can see by the numbers, White people are the majority in my town. When I was in high school there were only two African American girls and one Chinese American girl. All three girls were picked on constantly because they were different. It seems to be this way in even as adults out of high school. There are many single moms in my area. Some children are both white and African American. They are treated just as bad. They are treated as though they should not have been born. This is only because they are mixed races. I think this is very unfair. People have the right to be treated equally, no matter what their race or races are. As a single mother I have been on welfare. I have seen people who roll their eyes or make bad remarks about me having to pay for groceries using a food stamp card. Just because I am poorer than some, and I need a little help does not make me a lazy or a bad person. There are a lot of mothers like me in this situation. No matter what race or ethnicity we all need help sometimes in our lives, and it is a shame that people put you down for it. Most people perceive African Americans or Hispanics of being lazy people who would rather stay on welfare. I do not think this is the case at all. Just so happens that the economy is in poor shape and some people are finding it hard to get good paying jobs in the area. Although, we cannot prove it, many employers will not hire single parents or African Americans. They know it is harder for single parents because there is only one income and only one provider most of the time. I do not think they like to hire anyone that is not white. I again believe this to be the blame of racism and the way the village is old fashioned. I now live in a trailer park which consists of about thirty trailers. I know that there is one African American man that lives here. He works at the same place I do and is married to a white woman. They have three children together and they seem very pleasant to talk to. Not everyone here in our trailer park seems to be friendly towards them. I do not feel that this is right, but he knows how some people can be, and just accepts it. Other people make the comments that it is wrong that he is married to a white woman rather than someone from his own race or color. This sort of thing is very common here. People do not see the big picture that we are all the same on the inside. They just go by how each other look, skin color, and if they speak English or not. Our local mayor is a white man who has been the mayor for several years now. He is a young man in his thirties and seems to be doing a fair job. He does not seem to support any of the racial problems that our community faces. He seems to care more about keeping things cleaned and looking pretty for tourist purposes. The mayor is very polite to everyone, no matter their race, in public. I think it is a different story when it comes to closed doors. The mayor also helps in dealings with the criminal justice in our community. All of the leaders in our community are white, like me. All of them have higher incomes, unlike me. They are mainly the upper class of our community. I am considered middle class, and do not get many things offered to me as they do. They get discounts from most of the shops and stores here, just by being on the council board. The police get free coffee from all of the local restaurants as well. Everyone seems to be nice and very open to giving free advice about what we can do to make our community better. I have not yet heard about anything we can do to stop racism in the community. It is as though we just sweep those things under the rug and go about our daily lives. My mom, Vicky, used to be on the city council. She disliked it very much, because of the way they treated people. They would try to do things to better the white community or the upper class areas before anywhere else, even if the area needed a lot of things, like street repair, street lamps, etc. They could only afford what they did not want to keep out of their pockets. Village council members are paid very well, according to my mother. They are paid according to taxes they receive from the local tax payers each year. The local police force is made up of all white males. We do not have any women on the police force either. When I asked one of the local authorities why there were not any other races or women on the force, he kind of chuckled and said, “We drove them all out, and we don’t need anyone else other than us. We do a way better job than some blacks or some chicks.” I was not at all impressed with his answer, but I do not think he realized I was being serious. I made it clear to him that I was being very serious and was writing a paper for school about our community, but like most people of power here he shrugged me off to finish his coffee. Most of the white people are treated decent for the most part. You may occasionally get rude remarks if using a food stamp card or forgot to bring enough money to the store. Some people just do not like the poorer side of things. Many of the other races that live in the area are always talked down about. They are the people that are making our village look bad. If a robbery occurs they normally try to seek out a younger male that is African American. I have seen very few white males get in trouble for theft or have drug charges pressed against them. In high school I do not ever remember reading about black history month or other holidays that are like this. We mainly just read about normal history. We talked about the wars, slavery, and how America came to be. We never knew that there were as many races in the world. We did learn about other things like the Spanish Inquisition, but I think we mainly learned about that because it had to do with what we were required to learn by law. The local library is actually very versatile when looking for information. They even have children’s books that go for different races. They even have Spanish reading materials for young children. They are like those learn to read books for kindergarten age kids. This is actually very helpful for the community that way there is diversity for different cultures and upbringings. The local media only covers mainly the white people and what is happening with them. For example, we have a local paper called the Bellefontaine Examiner. In the articles and coverage it rarely ever talks about how racism affects our small communities. It mainly covers what is happening with the farmers, or local businesses. The only time racism hits the news is if an African American kills or rapes someone. I think this is very sad and hurtful, but it is the truth. Many articles in the paper do not cover the smaller issues that need to be recognized. I would like to resolve the issues we have about people who are not white. Our community and village are so racist when it comes to anybody that is not white. I think it would help if people could become better educated about the other races in our community. If they could see that our laws frown down on them more it would help. We had issues where three boys were arrested for stealing things out of people’s cars. Out of the three boys one was African American. The African America boy received the worse punishment out of all three boys. I think this is a little ridiculous. We need to have a better community who treats people equally, no matter of their race or ethnicity. Being a white single mother does get me many awful looks, but I mainly get the rolling of eyes, or the cold shoulder. There are not many varieties in culture here as most people in the area are white. I think if we made more people of different races more comfortable they would choose to live here. If this community was a lot less old fashioned we could have more of diversity in culture and race. It would definitely make our community more interesting and more varied. References: The Bellefontaine Examiner (2008) The Examiner online. 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