Personal Health Check Up Report

I visited the Student Health Center clinic on 02/10/09. In the beginning I was a little

nervous because the last time I got myself checked for any STD’s was almost a whole

year ago but I was determined as it was going to prove very beneficial to myself and also

because it was part of your assignment. So I went up to the front desk and asked the

person if they did testing for STD’s and very co-operatively he said yes. He asked me if I

was doing this as a routine check up or because I felt infected with one recently. I

questioned him back asking what difference that would make. He further explained that if

I was doing as a part of daily check up, it would cost me $40 and none if I felt vulnerable.

So I cleverly answered “I felt vulnerable”. He then gave me a few questionnaire papers to

fill out which were mostly concerning my health history and current physical status. As

soon as I got done with that he set me up with an appointment date for the next day itself.

So the application process was pretty easy other than filling out all that questions. As

appointed I came back to the clinic the very next day, got myself tested for any STD’s

and as you recommended I also asked the lady nurse to check my blood pressure and

talked to her about my recent problems with allergies. My blood pressure was normal and

as a part of the STD testing, she took my urine sample and asked me to check back with

the clinic on 03/03/09 for my result. I felt very comfortable with my nurse and as the

result came out today, I’m very happy and content. I would not have done anything

different but in the future I will make sure that I get tested more often.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Eveline/233190

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