Everyone shops and usually on a daily basis. Whether you're at the grocery store, at the mall or online. Shopping conveys every emotion. Shopping has been present in the United States since the day we arrived. In the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, people traded items for other items until 1862 when the United States bills were first printed. Now we carry cash, checks and credit cards.
Have you ever heard the expression, "like a kid in a candy story," or ever seen a child who hasn't got what they've wanted? They scream and cry and will throw a temper tantrum in the store. When children go shopping with their parents they want toys and candy and get mad if they don't get what they want. When kids shop they are either overjoyed or extremely mad and frustrated.
Teenage girls are typically what you think of when you say shopping. Girls at the mall shopping for hours and hours while their boyfriends or dad tag behind sitting in dressing rooms waiting for them to find something they like. Whether they're back to school shopping, Christmas shopping, summer clothes shopping or just for fun they're always there and you will see more teenage girls at the mall then any other group. Some of the most exciting times shopping for a girl is in the fall and spring when homecoming and prom rolls around. Girls flock to the mall to get the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry before everyone else.
When men go shopping it's the total opposite of the girls. They have a plan and they know exactly what they want and what store it's in. They know the fastest way to get in and get out. Guys don't go shopping all the time just so they can get new clothes. They usually have to need something pretty bad before they brave the mall; that or their girlfriend or wives drag them along making them sit in dressing rooms for hours. Guys also go shopping at jewelry store hoping to get a ring to give to the girl they love and hopeful that she will agree to marry them. They're nervous and don't want to get a ring too big or too small or pick out something that she won't like.
Parents often go shopping at car dealerships looking for a car to get their kid on their sixteenth birthdays. They want something that's reliable and safe, something that they will think is "cool" but not something that will go too fast, something that's cheap, but something that won't break down in a month.
When adults grow old they sometimes go shopping to pick out a plot to be buried in when they die. They pick out a specific place and sometimes pick out head stones and cover funeral expenses ahead of time so that their family and loved ones won't be burdened with the high expense of paying for a funeral.
Shoplifting is common in the United States among teenagers and adults in their early twenty's. The shoplifter goes into a dressing room usually with a few items takes the tag off of one or two of the items and places them in a bag, purse, or underneath other clothing. They then bring the other items out of the dressing room and place them back on the racks making it look like they didn't like anything they tried on. Some even take tags off and place the item into the bag without going into a dressing room. This is also more dangerous in terms of getting caught because most every clothing store has installed cameras in their store to catch and prevent shoplifters. Although most people do get away with it because there is often no one watching the cameras. If someone gets caught shoplifting they can face fines, community service, and even jail time. If the shoplifter is younger than eighteen, then they have to appear in court with a parent.
Some have found that their favorite way to shop is online. They never have to leave the convenience of their own home. E-bay makes it easy to buy and sell things online without leaving your home, it's almost like a garage sale but they have everything imaginable online for sale. You could buy something as big as a house or a car, but you can also buy something as small as a pair of socks. Just about every clothing store you see in the malls has an online store. The down side of online shopping is that you can't try on the clothes before you buy them.
Depending on who you are shopping can be anything from a fun time at the mall with your friends, frustrating if you're a young child, scary if you're a man who is looking for a ring so he can ask the girl he loves to marry him, expensive if you live in Beverly Hills, a hard decision if your trying to find a car for your kids sixteenth birthday, sad if your picking out a plot to be buried in, or it can be a rush to those who shoplift. Shopping is for anyone and everyone and we all do it on a day to day basis.

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