The quote about the heat and Tom and Gatsby getting in a fight is from the biggest and most important chapter of the entire book. This is were Tom find out about Gatsby and Daisy's affair. The setting is very hot which represents that there the fight is very heated that is why I have a object that represents fire. During the entire fight there was a wedding going on which is kind of ironic because there is a wedding being developed as one is being torn apart. That is why there are rings on my project. The heart with the cross through it is showing the love between Tom and Daisy is not there anymore.
The last quote that I have used is what ends the book. After the fight Daisy and Gatsby went off and as they were driving they hit Myrtle which is the lady Tom was having an affair with. Myrtle saw Tom driving a yellow car early that day so when she saw the yellow car again she thought it was Tom so she started yelling for the car to stop, that is they there is a megaphone. Not knowing Daisy was the one driving and hit and killed Myrtle. That is why there is a yellow car and a coffin representing the "Death Car" and the death of Myrtle.

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