The Friedmans

Memory is a subject to be dealt with delicately, especially when dealing with children. They are fragile and can be manipulated very easily. In the case of Arnold and Jesse Friedman the fragility of children's memories is the only thing to prove innocence or guilt.
Arnold Friedman was arrested for receiving child pornography. On a raid of his house, among the dozens of other magazines and pictures in his office, the police found a roster for the computer class Arnie and his son Jesse were teaching in their basement. The police questioned every child on that list to see if they had been touched by either of the two teachers. Neither the children nor the parents knew what they were talking about until the police talked to the children alone. They would tell them what happened and ask them things like, "Isn't that right?" and "You can tell us. It's okay. We know what happened to you." If a child is asked a closed-ended question, they will likely give the answer the person asking them would like to hear. Children only want to please. Some children admitted later on to saying yes because they wanted the police to go away. Some children said it was real and they were really molested, but the memory was repressed and the only way it was found was through hypnosis.
Hypnosis is an extremely risky thing to do to a child to find a memory. It can result in false memory implantation and make the child believe anything, even if it did not happen. One child's memory from being hypnotized led to 36 counts of sodomy. Arnold was accused of over 260 counts and took a plea from the prosecutors for his wife, who did not want him to go to trial.
After Arnold was sentenced, the People went after Jesse. Jesse's lawyer, Peter Panero, said Jesse had confided in him that his father molested him. Jesse said he enjoyed the attention, he did not care what it was. Jesse later denied ever saying this and it was Peter's idea for Jesse to say that on the stand and maybe get him released. Jesse also took a plea bargain because his mother pressured him to. Both of Jesse's brothers did not understand why their father and brother took pleas if they were innocent. The mother was not well liked in that family.
Both Arnold and Jesse never once said they were guilty for the crimes they were accused of committing, although they could have been and just not known it. Just like the children who, if they were molested, repressed memories because the event was so traumatic, Arnold and Jesse may have also repressed memories of the event. On the portion of the video watched in class, nothing was mentioned about questioning the memories of those they thought were guilty. That would have been something for them to look into.
Arnold and Jesse Friedman may have been pedophiles, but pedophilia is not a crime. Acting on those feelings however is. Whether or not these men committed these crimes is not the issue. The credibility of the accusers memories is.

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