How Well Do We Know The World Around Us?

to Protocol, the treaty has not been ratified by the U.S. senate. There is a Centuries have gone by and our population has become more and more oblivious to our surroundings. The glaciers, oceans, and land geography have immensely changed over the years. We are now able to depict the obvious changes in our natural structures and it has even caused a trickling effect on the habitats and lives of animals in those particular ecosystems. The population needs to gain more knowledge about the detrimental effects of global warming.
In the video, "An Inconvenient Truth," former Vice President Al Gore accurately showed before and after images of many land forms that have either completely dried out or separated. These images were not in just one region, they were images from all around the world and I had never seen images like those before viewing this video. Al Gore stated, "It's important to save the frog." He showed a picture of a frog jumping out of the water because it was too hot. Gore mentioned that the ten hottest years in history were in the last fourteen years. The hottest so far was 2005 in which temperatures in India reached a scorching 122 degrees Farenheit. The problem is nobody is aware of these basic facts or statistics and personally I would have never known how much change our earth has undergone until after watching this movie.

In addition, I believe we can make a difference by spreading knowledge to the general public in ways that can change the future. As this movie, informed and tried to persuade the viewers, I believe this kind of entertainment would produce a large number of interested adults and teenagers. I feel as is Gore left the crowd hanging with unanswered solutions. He should create an additional film in which the main focus lies on solutions and unanswered questions. If everyone worked together and noticed global warming as a serious upcoming issue, the number of people who recycled products would probably increase. We would prevent so much damage by recycling products along with preserving our amount of energy consumed. Understanding how global warming is going to affect our future generations, I believe many more people would pay interest in this topic. Hybrid cars have already become more in-demand, yet not all people understand how it will help our environment in the long run. Knowledge is the key to creating an environment friendly surrounding.

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