What kind of Discursive Essay Topic Matches Your Field?

Whichever field a student may be in, there’s always so much to talk, argue and discuss. Discursive essay topics are all challenging and are seen as an opener of one’s inquisitiveness. Before working on your discursive essay, it is very important to know how this essay works. You also have to keep in mind your limitations in writing discursive essays and how this type of essay is typically organised.
However, despite the kind of challenge that a discursive essay topic can give, this kind of school work can really give you something new and fresh. It might even twist your brains off and you’ll surprisingly find it interesting and really fun to deal with! The trick to composing a successful discursive essay is by becoming neutral and welcoming every side of an idea or thought. Each point must be considered before arriving at a conclusion. Below are four different subjects with the corresponding topics that are suited to be used for a discursive essay:
• Health and Social Care
>Social reform: a movement towards children’s welfare.
>Bad fats and salt taxation – a way to end diabetes.
>Can smoking cessation lead to reduced health care costs?
>Breaking a bad lifestyle through governmental programmes: Will effectiveness outweigh economic crisis?
>Is breaking client dependence in a care home advantageous or not?
• Politics and Government
>Political agendas – a way to purely induce people.
>Abolishing political hierarchy can give birth to politically inclined individuals by knowledge and skill.
>Anti-government groups – their views, points and criticisms.
>Ending inter-country influence.
>Democratic pros and cons.
• Arts
>Photographic alterations versus natural creations.
>Artists: born by blood and genes?
>The basis of art critics. – Acceptable or not?
>Classic unleveled by modern arts.
>Visual arts: More than an eye candy?
• Education
>Low rated educational institutions – a way to save a country’s economy?
>Are English exams effective in eradicating bogus students?
>Quality education for international schools.
>The control of plagiarism and its effectiveness.
>Monitoring educators’ skills and performance – a solution to the country’s decline in academic performance.
The listed discursive essay topics above are some of the nice things to tackle especially if your interest is in those fields. Since your discursive essay is still an ‘essay’ it is always helpful to learn some essay tips. Apart from that is the necessity of a good subject background or evidence, analysis and delivery. A discursive essay topic may differ from the other based on their sense of depth, complexity and scope. To ease up everything, you can choose to have a more defined or narrowed topic then focus on that area.

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