Conquering Academic Writing Essays in IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is taken by the examinees due to several purposes. For most people who are planning to take further studies to areas (e.g. United Kingdom) which require an IELTS with a specific band score, they are likely to take an Academic Training (AT) type of IELTS exam. For those who are planning to migrate then they are required to take a General Training (GT) type of exam. Obviously, between the two, the AT exam is a lot more challenging especially in the part of academic writing essays. Both types contain essays but the AT consist two kinds of essays which are different from each other. The first section shows a graph while the second section will be completed according to the scenario given.
However, there is a way to conquer an IELTS academic writing essay. Preparing for an IELTS exam demand enough time and effort, this can be done by gaining more experience in writing good essays and studying them thoroughly. Below are some tips that can help you in your preparation:
• Take an assessment test
This can be done by yourself, just acquire a questionnaire designed to mock academic writing essays in IELTS. Answer one essay for each sections (graph and situational) without prior knowledge as to how an IELTS essay exam must be handled. Make sure that your questionnaire has the answer together with it so that you will be able to check your composed essay. After taking the test, compare your essay to the desired essay answer. Take note of your flaws, highlight them and put note markings or corrections beside every important detail that you’ve noticed.
• Analyze your right and wrong points
Analyze the areas that made you lose points and study the correct essay provided together with your questionnaire. Dissect each part and see how the essay is properly arranged.
• Remember how the two sections of your essay are being delivered
The first section of your academic writing essay contains a graph. Your essay must be composed according to how you interpret the graph being shown. The second section of your essay is situational, you are given a scenario and your answers must be based on it. These two are different from each other, at first look you might be able to regard the first section with greater challenge but actually it is the other way around. Do you want to know why? It’s because the first section is already giving you a blue print of your essay. All you need to do is to transform the graph into an essay, include filler words or phrases, present them properly and you are done! While in the second section, you will be starting from scratch. One scary fact is that your second essay contains a larger amount of score percentage. The weight of the second section is so heavy that there is a total need for you to concentrate well on that area. If you did very well on the second section but leaving your first section empty, you still have no problems in passing the writing part of the exam but of course I wouldn’t want you to do that. It is always better to be sure by gaining as much points or essay marks as you can.
• Take series of practice tests and have them corrected
There is no such thing as “fast forward” in preparing for an exam. Prepare yourself and always find time to exercise your essay writing skills. One way to understand your essay very well is by consulting a professional writer. For your final practice test, have your work checked by an expert or allow another writer to make corrections to your essay and see how your skills have already developed.

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