Introduction to Several Types of Management Essays

Regardless of what field, management can be associated with people, an organization moving towards one goal, a community with a common objective, or perhaps a group hand-in-hand with one movement. The term management seems to be a very broad topic; you can narrow it down to your field of interest whenever necessary. It is always advisable to have a distinct subject because in that case you will be able to give proper examples and do correlation. Let us take a look on several types of management essays:
• Healthcare Management Essay
Apart from clinical healthcare practice is the administrative healthcare department. However, even in the practice itself, management is already appreciable. This is duly exercised by a head nurse and a charge nurse. In a healthcare management essay, your entry must be about management taking place in a healthcare field e.g. hospitals and care homes. In this type of essay you may talk about the chain-of-command in the area, how each member functions or even about how problems are solved by the whole team depending on the essay topic you are covering. This type of essay is being done by students studying in the field of healthcare.
• Hospitality Management Essay
The word “hospitality” means the attitude of being hospitable or welcoming. This type of essay is required by learners who are studying HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management), IHM (International Hospitality Management), and those fields which entail customer relations and service. There are several topics which can be tapped such as improvement of service offer, handling tension in the working area and the likes. The essay can even go a lot easier whenever your topic is based according to one’s personal experience or in a direct observation.
• Business Management Essay
Again, this is a very diverse field because business management can comprise the field of healthcare or hospitality but for this section let’s set aside those other sectors mentioned in here. Business management essays are required for students who are studying commerce specifically in business management or business administration as its major course. Issues regarding the importance of performance appraisal, frequency of meetings and its effects to job performance level may be covered.
• Project Management Essay
Project management is applicable to various fields. When a certain project is put up the project manager acts as the main fruit bearer. All activities (including expenses) are constantly monitored, directed and supervised by a project manager. When you are required to produce a project management essay, you are expected to include topics such as skills most needed for a project manager and the impact of project managers to its subordinates.
• HRM (Human Resource Management) Essay
HRM deals with the employees upon their entrance, stay, and exit to the organization. When a student is asked to provide this kind of essay, the topic must revolve around the imperfections or the benefits that human resources do to the institution. Schemes can be further narrowed down to specific situations to make the essay more effective.
There may be several types of management essays but their composition is done according to one rule. Your management essay may belong to one of your assignment essays required by your professor since we all know that being a student entails composing large numbers of essays. Remember that in whatever essay you’ll encounter it’s always safe to follow the general guidelines in making an essay. Compose your essay according to the subject and focus on that topic. Narrow the theme and make it as individualized as possible. Still having problems? Acquire help through an essay advice.
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