Psychology IB Essays: Purposes and Tips

An (International Baccalaureate) IB essay is designed to help students develop their potentials according to their field of study aside from the fact that it is a prerequisite. This is regarded as a final pre graduation work, therefore, it must be treated with dedication and the output must be fruitful and outstanding. The entry must be done in assistance with the instructor, must consist of 4,000 words and concluded with a brief discussion with the supporting mentor (IBO 2007).
All essays call for one major purpose and that is to check whether you gave out a good understanding regarding the subject matter – a product of the student’s analysis. Since all essays also require new thoughts and unique themes, this means that they also bring out innovation. Each product of writing is a form of communication, your essay writing skills can determine the effectiveness of your analysis and every thought that you have. For that reason, this certain skill is extremely beneficial. In the case of IB essays particularly in psychology, all of the purposes listed above are also applicable with emphasis on the scope of psychology namely mental processes, behaviour and including what the present Psychology guide (n.d. cited in IBO 2007) said as the “experience.”
1. Choose a topic according to one’s personal interest
Many IB psychology students are faced with a dilemma regarding the broadness of the subject – which is absolutely true. However, this can be solved upon knowing one’s self interest and correlating this to Psychology. Be as creative as you can! Choosing an interesting topic can help you shave some worries and everything can become fun! Although, enough time and thinking must be made during topic selection since this will determine the success of your entire entry.
2. Narrow your chosen topic further
This helps targeting the right and distinct topic. This can also help you focus more into that issue and helps avoid detours during your composition.
3. Make sure your have enough resources
Indeed uniqueness play a good role in making your IB essay appealing but you don’t have to pursue extreme individuality when you know nothing’s going to back up your entry. You need to make sure that somehow there were related studies, theories, entries and works done by other authors.
4. Make your essay more of an argumentative than hypothetical
Keep in mind that you are not making a research study or a psychology dissertation; consequently, you must take into consideration the appropriateness of your IB essay in terms of its briefness and depth. It has been preferred this way since you are required to end up having an argumentative essay rather than a descriptive essay structure – that is if your topic is thoroughly narrowed (IBO 2007).
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