How to Write good discursive essays

The Encarta dictionary defines a discursive essay as one which discusses an issue,proceeding to a conclusion through reason rather than intuition. Discursive essays aim to present an argument impartially using logic to support the writer’s views and why one side is favored over the other. It is an exercise in building a logical structure to an argument and anticipating contrary points of view.
The basic structure of essay writing should be adhered to. Starting with an introductory paragraph with a body of 2 to 4 paragraphs consisting of the opinions and arguments of both sides of the issue and ending with a conclusion restating your thesis and stamping your opinion.
There are however three different types of discursive essays :-
1. Opinion essays
Opinion essays are basicly a one sided affair where you state the topic and your own opinions about it and present reasoning based on evidence and examples. There should however be an apposing set of viewpoints in the penultimate paragraph but with logic dissuading their validity followed by a conclusion restating your main argument and reasoning.
2. For and against essay
A for and against essay is a balanced presentation of arguments for and against the subject of the essay. It presents both sides impartially proving each to be valid through trains of logic that lead to presenting the reader with the luxury of deciding for themselves.
3. Essay suggesting solution to a problem
A problem solving discursive essay is about presenting a problem and the effects it emanates and the factors that cause it, presented in a grave and serious manner to make the reader realize the need for a solution. This is followed by suggestions and solutions and logical statements to back these up proving their worth.
Remember that the purpose of discursive essays is to make someone believe that what you are suggesting is correct even if it is deemed hopeless. It is a balanced piece of writing taking into account many ideas and opinions both for and against the topic. It is basically a discussion about a problem where you have to convince the reader of your opinions through logical analysis.
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