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So many essay assignment examples exist in the World Wide Web but still a lot are scratching their heads off because they don’t know how to start even with the presence of samples. How about dissecting parts of an essay and going into them one by one? In this entry you will be able to take a closer look on how to make your essay sample a useful one rather than making it as your source of replica (a never considerable option).
As we know, essays have three major parts: introduction, body and conclusion. In the given essay below let’s try discussing how you can make use of each part of your essay assignment example. The given example below is an essay based from a diagram of a silkworm’s lifecycle and its byproduct. The first paragraph is the introduction, second is the body and third is the conclusion.
(1)/The diagram is a presentation of the origin of the silk and its byproduct which is the silk cloth. (2)/ When moths lay eggs, their off springs eventually grow up and become a larva. In order for them to continue developing they hide themselves under a cocoon until they are mature enough to go outside of their shelter and become a moth. (3)/ Primarily through cocoon building, they can be unwinded, be dyed and finally be weaved for it to become a finished product.
(1)/The silkworm’s lifecycle, like any other living forms would take up to more or less 78 days. After the eggs are produced they are given ten days for them to become a larva. Their primary source of food is leaves, particularly mulberry leaf. After which, another four to six weeks is allocated for the larva to have its own silk thread. They hide themselves for three to eight days under their own shell and spend another 16 days inside their cocoons before leaving and become a moth. (2)/ The silk cloth production also undergoes a certain process. After carefully selected, cocoons are boiled in water and are untangled. Threads could reach as long as 300 to 900 meters. These threads are joined together, colored and then weaved.
As a conclusion, (1)/natural and unnatural processes both take time and have to go under certain steps. The quality of the production of silk cloth will depend on the type of cocoon being selected and used.

• Tip #1: Analyze each paragraph first. Naturally it would be necessary for us to start in the first paragraph which is the introduction. Do dissections by putting slash marks according to how sentences are grouped. The grouping must be done as to how thoughts are closely related. When you see a shift of thought, immediately place a slash mark in the beginning of the sentence to indicate that the previous idea has ended and a new one is about to begin. Notice that section 1 in the first paragraph talks about the main subject – which is the silkworm and the byproduct. Section 2 tackles the lifecycle of the silk producer while section 3 is all about its byproduct which is the silk.
• Tip #2: After successfully dissecting each part of your essay assignment example, study how the entry is being organized. In the introduction, a clear presentation of the subject is given including its brief overview on what the essay is all about. In the body, a more detailed explanation is provided regarding the lifecycle of the silkworm and the process needed in order to have a good byproduct. In other words, part of the introduction which is the section 2 is being used as a way to guide the body. Section 2 of the introduction serves as a blueprint of the body. The body is there to provide the missing pieces of the skeletal structure provided by the first paragraph.
• Tip #3: Learn the difference between the introduction and the conclusion. Some say that the conclusion part is where you place the overview of the whole essay. Yes, that is true, but actually there is more to merely putting the basic summary of the whole essay in the third part of the essay. In the conclusion part, you need to give out your analysis to the whole subject. Stating the summary alone won’t qualify a good conclusion. Basing from the introduction above, the overview has already been given in the introduction. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to repeat it in the third part of the essay. Analyze what you have learned upon going through the previous parts of your essay – the introduction and the body and then make your analysis as your conclusion.
Essay assignment examples are very helpful in terms of giving students an idea on how they are going to compose their own essay. Sometimes when students are new to a certain assignment they get so much relief when they are being guided through essay free samples. However, its disadvantage lies on the tempting thought of making an exact replica of your sample. Of course, nothing beats having your original essay style since each writer possess unique characteristics when it comes to writing. Aside from the existing samples, there is nothing greater than learning from the professionals.
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