Ai) Racism is prejudice discrimination on the belief that ones own race is superior to another. It disempowers people by devaluing their identity. It destroys communities and creates divisions in society. This can range from cultural to ethnic discrimination. The most common form of racism is of black and white people which have been going on for centuries.
The slave trade is a very good example of racism. It was the trade of African people. It lasted from the 16th century to the 19th century. Most slaves were shipped from West Africa and Central Africa and taken to USA and Europe. Generally slaves were obtained through trading with the leaders of the tribes, though many were captured by European slave traders. The African slaves were treated more like animals and many made to work on plantations until the day they died. They were beaten and starved. The owners of the slaves were above the law and allowed to beat their slaves to death - yet not prosecuted, but if a slave killed a white man in self defense then they were given the death penalty for ‘murder’. The slave trade was finally abolished in Britain in 1833. There are many famous black people who took a stand and tried to stop racism amongst our communities such as; Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior and Trevor Huddleston.
However, racism is not all about the colour of a person’s skin. Many people look down on immigrants coming into their country, especially if they have a good job as many people think that they do not deserve a nice job and think of a typical stereotype immigrant and relate that person to it – automatically leading them to judge this person without getting to know them.
There is also lots of prejudice amongst our communities. Just because of how a person looks makes another person think they are lower than them and cannot compare to them, completely destroying their individual identity causing communities to separate.

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