Illegal immigration is an important topic in the United States founded on the shoulders of immigrants. Although there is an argument regarding illegal immigration to legalize these groups of people to stay or to take them out of the United States. This argument has been going on for the past couple years, and the conclusion is still undecided. What makes American society to delay the conclusion is because it will affect the entire economy of the United States, therefore they have to make a thoughtful solution that would instead harm the economy of the U.S. The dilemma of illegal immigration is not only understood by policymakers but also by many people of the American understand of what is at stake. For most U.S. citizens and residents the economy is one of the most important factor of concern. Illegal immigration creates many social unfairnesses such as unpaid taxes by illegal immigrants becoming a burden to the legal citizens in society. Also job losses are accredited to the illegal immigrants. This perception seems to be partly true but a closer at what these immigrants contribute to the society as a whole it seems that the United States benefits more from this group of people rather than gaining any better situation without them.
Illegal immigration has become a significant part of the American economy and for its society. Jobs requiring hard labor are often filled in by illegal immigrants. These occupations range from the constructions workers to dishwashers in a restaurants. Many people understand the importance of what this group of people contribute to society. The alternative to this situation often expected, would be high prices in those sectors of jobs in which this type of labor is needed. Removing illegal immigrants would spark a large problem for factories or the companies that employs these types of people. Cardinal Roger Mahony illustrates what subtle but substantial role illegal immigrants play by stating that, “The unspoken truth of the immigration debate is that at the same time our nation benefits economically…”(708). This reinforces what importance the illegal immigration for the economy means. Deporting illegal immigrants cannot be the solution since Mahony’s illustration shows that a lost of these group of people would result in a rather greater lost of benefit which these people would bring to the greater American society. Therefore the crisis of American economy would be happening, as a result for this many company would go bankruptcy and in the same time the increase of jobless would be happening, and this will hit a lot to the American economy that currently is not performing well.
Economically illegal immigrants constitute a substantial part in the American society the fear of crime that these people seem to have brought with them has created a lot of animosity towards illegal immigrants. The increase of crime is the main reason why the American society seems to not accept illegal immigrant to be legalize to stay in the U.S. Victor Davis Hanson realizes: “There is something terribly wrong with a system predicated on a cynical vilation of the law” (705). For example when the illegal immigrant are having a car accidents often this situation results in hit and runs. Reason for this is their illegal status that does not allow them the acquisition of a driver license nor an insurance that protects them and the party that got hit. From this scenario the party with an insurance is often left alone paying of this tragic incidence since the immigrant without a policy cannot made accountable. Furthermore, this likely increases the governments which citizens experience in additional taxes. This is the main problem and why the American society can’t accept illegal immigration immediately, because of the irresponsibility from the illegal immigration.
Being an illegal immigrant is often connected with tax exemption of the American society. As an illegal immigrant there is no possibility to pay taxes like American residents do, therefore illegal immigration easily saves money for themselves. However this is just what people say, the fact remains that illegal immigrants do also pay taxes in form of sales taxes. This fact remains for most American citizens forgotten. For instance when the illegal immigrant go to grocery store and purchase food they also pay taxes, and when they go restaurant they also taxes. But as an illegal immigrant, they are not qualified to receive benefit from the government, such as social security benefits, well-fare, medication and so on. David Cole says, “immigrants have a favorable effect on the overall standard of living” (696). This shows that the immigrants contribute to the growth of the American economy. How about the illegal immigrant? If they count also the illegal immigrant the favorable effect would be high, since the illegal immigrant cannot receive any benefit from the government, the United States saves more than what they should paid for.
Jealousy is another part why the American society is against illegal immigration. American people do not want to do hard work or odd jobs however some American people do not like that those illegal immigrants take their jobs away. As matter of fact when those illegal immigrant take that job the American people who have not good education would lost their jobs and also would decrease the option job that they want to do. Barry R. Chiswick states that , “Over the past two decades the number of low-skilled workers in the United States has increased because of immigration, both legal and illegal.” (700). This shows that most of the lower paid jobs are filled in by illegal and legal immigrant, therefore American people themselves don’t have space for them. Most of the factory or company want to reduce the cost of man power, that is why they only hire the illegal immigrants, because the illegal immigrant are much cheaper than American people themselves. Although many company know that they are illegal. However, in order to stay competitive with other business they need to reduce costs as much as they can for the man power. Because of this they prefer choosing illegal immigrants rather than American people themselves. Therefore American people are mad with this act of but at the same time they could not say anything to them rather blame to the illegal immigrant who are taking their jobs and then increase the jobless rate of the American society.
America is still the first choice for the immigrant people to immigrate, and each year the immigrant people are increasing. However sometimes the illegal immigrants also increase. This shows that the United States has the huge opportunities for work than among others country. Being said that American should make a law that make the American people safe and also feel benefit for themselves by accepting illegal immigration to stay in here legalize. Although there is many discussion regarding illegal immigration but until now there hasn’t been any solution to answer this solution. When the time that the United States could achieve any conclusion for the illegal immigrant, it could be the time the United States become a strong society in the all of the world.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Obesity/170570

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