The Survival of Slavery

Slavery is one of the world’s most cruel forms of forced labor that the world has ever been through. It is an institution in which human rights are constantly violated and in which African Americans were tortured with no freedom or education. There are many environmental, economic, and political factors that promoted the survival of slavery as a viable institution in the American colonies.
Environmental factors allowed slavery to implement and survive in many ways. For example, warm southern climates were suitable for high demands of sugar and cotton. This brought slaves into the picture as they are the ones who were needed to work in the fields and get the job done. Also, expansion of land in the north allowed colonists to profit from a commodity such as tobacco. These factors greatly contributed to the survival of slavery, as it showed that slaves were essential to get these basic needs fulfilled.
In addition to the environmental factors that allowed slavery to persist, there were many political factors as well. The immigration of the indentured servants ended and epidemics and diseases destroyed the Indians ability to work. Spain declared Florida a refuge settlement for escaped slaves from the English colonies. Also, the demand of labor was fulfilled with slaves from West Africa which was a major reason as to why slavery persisted for such a long period of time.
Economic factors played a key role in the continuation of slavery. One reason it kept slavery going is because slaves were needed to work on tobacco and rice plantations. Tobacco farming demanded a great deal of hand labor and close attention. There was labor drawn away from farming and other productive activities, imported consumer goods such as textiles and metal wares.
In conclusion, there were many environmental, political, and economic factors that kept slavery flowing smoothly for such a long time. They promoted the survival of slavery as a viable institution in the American colonies.

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