“Shramam binam na kimapi sadhyam “ , it means that ‘No Achievement is Possible without Effort’.
Very rightly said, we all want to achieve a lot of things in life. We all want to see ourselves reaching greater heights and realizing the dreams which we have woven for us. But for any sort of achievement, there is just one pre-requisite, and that is one should keep on doing efforts consistently.
We have many examples in our daily life, with which we can understand the importance of the above shlok. We got our independence due to the endless efforts put in by our great leaders. Tata Motors had a dream to make NANO and they achieved it by their consistent efforts. We are at IMT due to our efforts only.
IMT provides lots of opportunities for budding managers like us to grow and develop their management aptitude, leadership skills and overall personality. By participating in various clubs and committees, and conducting events here, I’ll push my limits and will keep on putting efforts to complete any task successfully and efficiently. The classroom teaching and the brainstorming sessions with peer will require each one of us to put our best efforts.
Skills are abilities which one develops gradually after formal training and a lot of practice. These are not inborn but are developed by efforts. They can be taught eg. communication skills, technical skills.
Abilities are inborn characteristics which a person possesses. They are innate and cannot be taught or learned. Eg. Ability to work under pressure, to read fast.
I have good communication and writing skills, can network with people.
I can work under pressure, have a cheerful nature and can get along easily with people.
I have good technical knowledge. Have fair knowledge in gemmology.
I get highly meticulous at times and try to get into detailing of every aspect , which gets time consuming at times. I give preference to work over health wherein I should strike a balance between them.
The regular brainstorming sessions with my peers at IMT will help me develop a varied view on any topic. The valuable guidance here will grant me wisdom and practicality helping me in decision making.
Being at IMT, I shouldn’t get into self-destruction by getting complacent. Should focus equally on acads and ECAs so that my performance doesn’t get hampered.

(a) I have chosen PGDM (IB) as my course of study here. After working for the project ‘British Airways’ for over an year, I have seen the different strategies they have adapted to increase air travels and hence the increase in their revenues. That’s where I developed an interest in international marketing as a career option and realized that this is the field where I’ll enjoy working the most.
The buzzword today is globalization. Any sector, any product is getting global with times. So, it becomes very important not only to have business acumen to target domestic consumption but also to develop a broad view to look at things and taking our ideas on an international platform.
By taking PGDM (IB) and studying marketing concepts along with international business subjects, I’llget the required knowledge to combine the two and will apply the knowledge to learn the nuances of international marketing. Also, the variety of subjects being offered here, will give me a holistic form of education and a good knowledge of the international trade.
(b) The various career options available in this field are:
One can join both public and private sector organizations. We can make a career in banks, financial institutions, securities firms, investment companies, export/import companies and international business consultancy. International marketing departments of companies engaged in exports like multinational manufacturers such as automobile companies, electronics and computer companies and consumer durables manufacturers. Also travel, tourism and hospitality sector offers good profiles. As port and aviation do most of international trade, so airlines, cargo & shipping corporations can be a good option. Foreign direct investment and economic development agencies also require these professionals. International marketing research is another area where one can work. Services marketing, international logistics companies too offer good scope. Other career options include setting up consultancy firm.
I would like to join international marketing department of a multinational manufacturer company as a marketing manager and later would like to see myself serving as a brand manager.
Opportunities in international marketing are increasing because more firms are pursuing international markets. Also the adventure and foreign travel associated with them makes it even more interesting. In seeking an international marketing job, it is an advantage to be fluent in a second language and at IMT we do get this opportunity too. Also studying abroad, even for a semester or a summer, will help a lot. And I’ll take the advantage of the cultural exchange programme conducted at IMT to get familiar with the business models of other countries.
The 5 best organizations which offer international marketing as a career option are :
Hindustan Unilever Limited
Procter & Gamble
I would like to join the HUL Group. The company being the largest FMCG company operating in India, offers a wide variety of products to work with.
This is the leading marketing company of India, whose products are used about 160 million times a day. It has 14 categories of 400 brands ranging from personal care, food and home products. The company has about 174 000 people in 100 countries across the globe and supports many suppliers, contractors and distributors. The International Business Unit (IBU) of HLL is responsible for the international marketing operations of the company. HLL is a key global supplier to the International market for products like contraceptives and blood bags to over 70 countries including the UK, Italy, France, UAE, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brazil etc. HLL's international clients include world bodies such as the UNFPA, WHO, PSI, FHI, IDA, in addition to various governmental procurement organizations.
With such an impressive show of global performance, the career opportunities in international marketing are in great both in terms of quality and quantity.

Being a part of then institute IMT, which is consistently featured among top 10 Indian B schools, I feel extremely proud and privileged. The expectations obviously are sky high but I they can’t be fulfilled unless I put in efforts from my side too.
‘Life at IMT’ to me means a life where learning never stops, where the word ‘enough’ never comes, where every person and every activity is a big source of knowledge. Since I have a brief stint in the industry for 2 years, I am expecting a different study environment here where education is not just found in text books and classroom lectures. But where I get to learn equally from discussions with professors, brainstorming sessions with peers and applications of the concepts which we study in books to real life scenarios in the form of case studies.
The various clubs and committees here, in their own way try to inculcate the management qualities among the students like leadership skills, team work, event management, ability to work under pressure, bettering networking skills, higher level of interaction, confidence to take up any and every task, and working patiently late nights to meet the deadlines.
Also, the various B- School events in which IMT participates and the various events which it conducts will also give us a great platform to test our skills and apply what all we have learned in class in practical world.
Subsection C2
HR is an indirect revenue center. HR function helps the organization to hire & retain people .
For people-intensive industries like IT, ITES, BPO, KPO etc where manpower is the most essential resource, HR indirectly becomes a revenue generating center.
Though, the same cannot be said for a manufacturing set-up.
Also, HR can partner with the business & provide consultation which would help organizations to reduce cost & increase revenues. HR can save money through negotiations during recruitments. By conducting various trainings on technologies, hard skills and soft skills, it can make people more proactive and productive. By taking effective measures, it can reduce attrition, ultimately bringing down the cost of recruitment.
So HR very well functions as a revenue center in present business scenario.
Person-Job fit means finding a candidate based on the match between the abilities of the candidate and the demands of a job.
Person-Organization fit means looking for compatibility between the candidate and the organization, seeing to which extent the candidate and the organization meet each other’s needs.
During the initial phase of the interview I would focus more on the Person-Job fit criteria as a person better suited for the job will be more productive to the team and would also have more job satisfaction.
He’ll always be inspired to do better in his job.
However, in the final stage of the selection, I would also look at the person-organization fit, as a person also needs to share some similar ideologies as that of the company. If a person is organization-fit , then the person would be more beneficial from a long term perspective. He/she will believe in growing with the company and his growth would contribute towards company’s growth as well.

Performance appraisal is a method by which an employee is evaluated on his job performance. The general criterions include quality, quantity, cost and time. It is also known as employee appraisal .
Performance management is a forward looking process for setting goals and regularly checking progress toward achieving those goals. This kind of feedback is of cyclic nature. Here the observed outputs of amn employee are continually measured and then are compared with the desired goals or outputs. In case of any discrepancy, changes required are suggested so as to achieve the desired goals.
Performance management is better than performance appraisal. Performance appraisal forms the final part of the performance management cycle. Performance appraisal is a backwards looking process. It measures only what happened in the past. On the other hand, performance management is a forward looking process and is a leading indicator of financial performance.

Recruitment is the process by which we create a pool of applications. Here we search for the prospective employees and attract them to apply for the jobs in the organization. It gets the right kind of people to apply for the vacancies.

Selection is the process by which we choose the most suitable candidate for a job from among the available applicants. It is a process to distinguish the best candidate from the rest. It comes after recruitment.

Subsection C3
Brand positioning is the process in marketing by which the marketers position a brand in relation to other brands in the market so that a strong image is created in the minds of the target audience. It is the relative competitive comparison the brand occupies among other brands in the market.
Brand Recall is the extent to which the name of the brand comes in the mind of the consumers in the context of that product category. For example, the brand ‘Bisleri’ comes in our mind immediately whenever we talk about mineral water.
IMT as a brand has a good brand positioning as it has always featured among the best B schools in India with the like of IIMs, IIFT, ISB, MDI, SP Jain etc. The various areas where it has performed consistently, be it placements, cultural exchange programme, student teacher ratio etc makes it a brand to reckon with.
Also, it has got a big Brand recall value. Whenever we talk about best private B Schools in India, IMT Ghaziabad always features in the top slot.
The admission procedure should be made more efficient as at present the students complain a lot about the waitlist movements during admissions.
A student representative should be hired during the time of placements who should be responsible for addressing for any and every queries of the students. This will create a very helpful and cooperative image of the college as admissions are the most stressful times of a student’s life and when it comes to MBA, everyone wants to keep their best foot forward.


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