To define discretion is a pretty easy task. Discretion is something you use before you do something. Discretion means to decide to do the right thing before you do the wrong thing for example you would use discretion to decide when you see a person acting strange on the street would you go over to ask that person if they are alright or would you just make the choice to walk away. Discretion is used because it gives us the ways to make a choice if we need to. We use discretion in everyday life we use it because it tells us whether it is the wrong way to do something or the right way to do something. The choice is up to us. The officer used discretion by choosing to apprehend the suspect after she thought the bike was stolen. She used discretion by chasing after him and trying to apprehend him and struggling with him to try to apprehend him. I do feel however that the officer should have let him run after the third attempt to apprehend him. I do feel that pulling the gun for a minor offense and the suspect not having a gun was not a good discretion. The factors for the officer using the discretion she chose to use were that the man continued to walk away and not answer the officer. After that factor the man decided to drop the bike and run making it look like he stole the bike. The officer struggling with him was also a factor she chose to pursue also by him fighting with her it made the officer have to use more discretion and finally ended with her pulling her gun and killin him. I feel the officer should have aimed for his leg or even arm rather then kill him it was a minor violation that she was pursuing him for. I feel that up until the shooting the officer used good discretion by chasing him you would have foun what the problem was in the first place and it was her job to assume that the bike was stolen after the suspectsactions. Even with the struggling I found it to be good discretion since the suspect was being violent and attacking her for doing her job. At the point she pulled the gun I feel she should have aimed for the leg of the suspect making escape practically impossible for him and not killing him. I feel that killing him was a little too much discretion. Discretion is a hard thing to control. Discretion is up to the person that is handling the situation to better control. To make better discretion choices among officers there should be more training and courses on discretion when and how to use it. These courses should also be available to all others who want it, because discretion is used by everyone.

Discretion 8.8 of 10 on the basis of 2017 Review.