The Italian job comparison

The Italian job and its remake have almost nothing to do with each other but they have something alike and say this is because both of the movies are about heisting gold. The problem is that the first one is more Italian oriented than the newer version. First I will talk about the first movie and then the remake. All right the first now that is somewhat more planning than actually doing.

The plot is the main character Charlie Croker played by Michael Caine is just getting out of prison for stealing cars. But when he was in prison he made friends with an inmate who was very rich and powerful and had a lot of connections with people.
And Charlie Croker used to be very close with the mafia but now the word is out that a huge shipment of gold is being moved to a bank in England so they are figuring out a way for them to get it and pull off the greatest heist of all time.

What they do is figure out a way to make a huge traffic jam on a holiday which is when the gold is being shipped on. And they use the mini coopers to move the gold because they think there is nothing that will get you through a tighter space and get you anywhere faster than a mini. Then what they do is knock out all the guards and steals the van holding the gold and move quickly to put the gold bricks in the back of the mini's because the mafia and the cops are right behind them and they basically pull crazy stunts and tricks that they can't do to get away but that is basically it. Also the end really has you thinking "what happens."

Now for the newer version there is really some suspenseful and crazy things that u might not really understand if you don't watch the start because you will not no what they are talking about until almost near the ending. But you remember in the first movie how they heisted the gold in the end well in the new one the heist is in the start of the movie. Now the characters are the same except the new Charlie Croker is way smarter than the old one. Also the new one did not get out of prison like the old one. Also this is a little off the plot from the first movie the new one is about deception and greed one of the people that were in on the job was a traitor named Steve and tricked them in to helping him steal the gold.

But after he got what he wanted he tried to kill his partners but they had jumped in the water to escape from him but one of them he shot and killed. So now they are out for revenge the good part is he thinks that his partners are dead. But with the help of the murdered guy's daughter they plan on getting the gold from Steve's safe and now he moved to New York. The problem is he has it in almost impossible to break into safe so that is where the murdered mans daughter comes in to play. And sense Steve had never really met her before so she goes in under cover to see where the gold is and how they can get it out. But once her cover is blown Steve moves the gold out by three different vans and the only choice they have left is to pull the heist off once more except in daylight with Steve watching over the van that has the gold.

Then Charlie with all his smarts blows a hole In the middle of the road and then moves the gold under ground. But then they get a little side tracked and it turns out that Steve had switched to a different safe than what the daughter had been practicing on for the hole time. But then she cracks it and they move quickly with the gold in the back of the mini's under the subway tunnels. And pull off the same stunts that they did in the first movie. With just a little bit more action than the first of course but the ending of the movie is the most exciting part of them all because he finally has Charlie and his partners cornered but then the people that helped Steve escape with the gold came back and double crossed him for leaving the leader of the group in jail while Steve was out going crazy with his money and did not even try and bail the leader out. But Steve did not want to get messed up and he tried to make a deal with the leader but he was already paid by Charlie and in the end Steve was killed by the leader the leader got his cut and everybody got what they wanted. Well except for Steve of course.

But in conclusion I think that both of the Italian Job movies are good. But if I had to pick one I would pick the newer version unless you are the type of person who is into old mob or gangster films than the first movie is the one for you. The acting well was nice in the first movie but a let down is that they continuously played this one annoying song that went on forever and would not stop. But the overall sound was good.

The remake was also good they had excellent sound but that is what you would expect from a movie that was made in 2003. The soundtrack was good, and they used a variety of songs instead of just one song. Also it had an extremely good picture.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Holes/77240

Holes 9.3 of 10 on the basis of 897 Review.