Writing an Essay Outline – It Gives a Perfect Frame to a Perfect Essay

Writing an Essay Outline – It Gives a Perfect Frame to a Perfect Essay
Writing an Essay Outline – A Guideline
Academic essay writing is a necessity for students of all kinds and subjects and there is practically no student who has not written one, in his school or college life. Writing the perfect essay requires both time and patience and involves a lot of practice and hard work. The first step in a writing a good essay is knowing the very well the basics of essay writing like the different types of formatting that are followed by the essay writers, knowing the concerned subject well and it also helps to know the art of writing an essay outline. So for a student, be it for term paper writing or research paper writing for a thesis project, a student should be fluent in writing an essay outline first. Having an outline ready before starting the project, he will know what to work on and how much material to collect. An outline will help save a lot of time and will also produce an essay that will have an excellent structural frame work.
Writing a good essay involves many things. First one has to decide on a theme to write on and the content matter of the chosen topic must be good and original. The theme should consist of something that would make up for a good research topic or present brilliant writing topics. There are many topics like sociology paper topics, personal essay topics, middle school essay topics, scientific research paper topics, history research paper topics etc. to choose from, all depending on the subject and interest of the student. There are various types of essays to choose from according to what the instructor has asked for or what the student may find to be interesting. The various essay formats are to be considered next. The formatting patterns are generally set by the instructor and one needs to only follow the set standard rule. Then one has to think of an attractive title for the essay after which the main research work on the topic will start. All these things go into making a good paper. So it is always better to have an outline in front which will make the process of writing an essay smoother. Outline is like framing the essay so that it does not cross the boundary and lose itself.
How to write essay outline: subject – Native American women through the ages
A:Cover page or title page (if required)
B. Abstract – a summary of the whole work in no more than 120 – 200 words.
C: Introduction – it will briefly introduce the topic and give the important terms that will be later discussed in the main body. There will be thesis statement on the Native American women
D: Body –
1.This will describe the various famous Indian American women like Malinche, Pocahontas, Menchu etc. and will give minute details as to their birth, death and various work that these women did during their lifetime.
2.it will discuss the sociological, political, religious and economic characteristics of the time period of these women
3. will discuss how history has portrayed them and whether this portrayal is correct or not, what are your own observations, supported by evidences form the works of other authors.
E. CONCLUSION : it will give an analytical summary of the entire historical representation as presented in the body and will reinstate the thesis statement with strong concluding remarks.
Writing an essay outline is imperative for students who all aspire to achieve an A level paper in their given tests. An outline always helps the essay to stay on track and not lose direction and become long, meandering and boring.

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