The Ramayana

Every Indian person knows the story of Ramayana. The story is read to all young children in India. Children are told the ancient tale in Sanskirt and boys are told to act like Rama and girls are told to act like Sita. They read of Ravana's extreme selfishness and disregard for anything or anyone leads to death. This classic piece of Hindu literature has influenced and shaped all aspects of Indian society. A society instills emotional balance and maturity into their children through stories of hero and villain or good vs. bad.
As Boy's read about Rama they are taught that humility, persevere and trusting family are winning virtues. Rama is an example of how one must learn to and move through life and except help when needed. 1. His manner is to listen and not jump to conclusions. He is seen as a fair young man which young boys can relate to. He is a god, but his lessons are learned as a human. On page 144 Rama becomes impatient and wants to destroy an ocean so he and his army can cross. He stops though and listens to the sea god's plea to not destroy the ocean. Then, Rama's war monkeys, men and tiny spuerrals all came with mud, rocks , pieces of mountains and pebbles to fill in the sea. He is working hand in hand with them to fill in the sea. The boys are reading about a man that can listen and except help when it's needed. He doesn't horde his power over others, yet he knows he is a superior being. His faith and trust for his father when Rama was asked to go into exile for fourteen years and his brother that reined for him fourteen years instills a sense of male reliance. The boys learn from the examples of fathers and brothers working together. They see men trusting life and its fate they face. Men are seen as not having to compete for the alpha male role or be the super hero, and still respected as humans.

Sita is able to deminstrate both vulnerablity and rational acts. She was lead astay by a golden jeweled dear. She wanted it with all her passion. No...

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