For fifty years the unexplained air craft wreckage found outside Roswell,

New Mexico, has been in the center of on-going speculation about alien life

forms and US Government and Military cover-ups. It is my personal belief

that extraterrestrial bodies are present in this Universe and have landed

on earth. There is more evidence pointing to the fact that there are aliens

present in the universe as proved in this essay. Retired military officials

will admit to there being extraterrestrials being present on earth.

An excellent example of this is what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in

1947. When the US Government and Military first found the wreckage of an

unidentified aircraft they issued a press release stating that they had

come into possession of an Unidentified Flying Object. The present US

Government have passed the Roswell incident off as a closed case - their

investigations declared the incident to be nothing more than a crashed

weather balloon from the top secret Project Mogul and the alien bodies

merely to be crash test dummies. This essay will argue the point that there

is other life in the Universe and that the crash landing at Roswell in

1947, was an alien space craft and not a weather balloon.

Leading up to the 'Roswell Incident' UFOs were spotted all over New Mexico

and the mid-western coast line. On July 1 of 1947, an Unidentified Flying

Object appeared on the radar screens of surrounding airforce bases. People

also saw these objects in the skies that night and the next. On July 4 -

Independence Day - radar screens showed an object pulsate then explode.

Some archaeologists in the area were watching the sky and saw the aerial

display as did a large number of the people living in the town. The

archaeologists set out the next morning to look for the wreckage they saw

fall to ground after the explosion. They reached the crash site about 10am

and found wreckage scattered over a...

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