Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative about an past experience you had does not seem to be that hard, but when reality kicks In and its time to write about it its harder than you think it is. When I was writing this paper I had to first think about who was the direct audience I was going to be talking to and what tense my paper was going to be in. After deciding on all of that, the next step was to come up with a thesis for my paper and how I was going to organize it so that the reader can feel the same way I felt or relate to my experience as I did. When I got all that out the way I was ready to write but taking it step by step because as you go on into the paper it gets harder and harder.
My beginning drafts I would say was a little weak and didn’t express all the things the I needed to get across on my subject. Due to the fact that I am a weak writer I thought that I was doing a very good job since no one could tell about my experience the way I could. It took a lot of time getting through my first drafts since I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t on the right track, but from all the help from my teacher, tutor, and classmates I got through all the hard parts with their help in guiding me in a direction.
When reading the other people’s paper in class it helps also, when we was reading the professional narratives it gives you an insight about what all should be given when you write a narrative. One thing I suggest now is to jus free write before you do any paper because it helps, especially if you are unaware about your topic. That is what helped me come to an decision on what to write my narrative on.
I appreciate all the people that helped me with my paper especially the group because getting other peoples point of view helps you to make decisions on which you are not clear about. The groups gave advice on what they think can make the paper better or what I need to take out to make everything more organized.

Narrative 9.4 of 10 on the basis of 3207 Review.