Many years ago people didn’t have problems with these kinds of situations. Nobody even thought about places like nursing homes. Now is different nursing homes are really popular especially in United States of America. Also in Europe the idea of nursing homes its growing up very fast. Some people believe that old people , who need more help because they are sick or alone should be cared for in nursing homes , because that’s the perfect way for them to spend rest of them lives in a peaceful atmosphere . I strongly disagree with these people . I believe that elderly family members should not be cared for in nursing homes. I have two reasons to support that. First, children should be responsible for parents, and other family members and they should do their best to help them when they are old. Second , children should take care of their parents when they are old or sick because parents did take care of them for many years, till they grove up.
Since, I came to United States and it’s already two years, my mother has been working in the nursing home , and she know a lot about this subject. So I will use her experience to support my thesis. I remember the story she told me, about one nursing home resident, she was taking care . This was a 70 year old man , she was next to him from his first day in nursing home till the last one , and the last it was the day when he past a way .His family didn’t want to take care of him, because he was old and he was sick , so they put him in the nursing home, The family said that it was better for him , because somebody could be always with him ,and he would be more happy there. They promise they will visit him every weekend, and also they will take him home for holiday. They never did . They didn’t even call , he was there alone left just with his self .
This old men , was left alone for the rest of his live. He was crying every night. i remember the they when he past a way, my mother was really sad, because she get a...

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