IT'S sad that almost every day there are new cases of baby dumping. We must not take the easy way out by blaming it all on pornography. There are so many other factors.
Applying the death sentence on those who dump a baby (if the baby dies) will not solve the problem. What if that girl or woman had been raped by her boyfriend or, worse, by a close family member? Would this be fair to her? There should be no knee-jerk reaction.

I suggest the following:

- Have sex education in schools. With the easy availability of all things sexual, especially through the Internet, youngsters would want to experiment.

- Take sex education to factories. Just because they are adults does not mean they know everything about sex.

- Teach youngsters to respect their bodies. Not only girls but boys must learn this also. Peer pressure plays an important role in the way one looks at sex. It is because of this factor that some start experimenting with sex.

- Religious bodies can organise talks on the importance of sexual abstinence as well as keep their doors open to young girls who get pregnant. Religious leaders can help by being intermediaries between a scared pregnant teenager and her parents.

Once an unwed teenager is pregnant, she feels lost and helpless. In many cases, the boy will disappear, leaving the poor girl to carry the baby. Who are we to judge them?

Prevention is better than cure. So, let us all put our heads and hearts together to prevent more dumping of babies

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