English 4


In a land far from all the other lands there was a city called Dragonic. It was named Dragonic because the city was located on a large mountain shaped like a dragon. The law of this land was that young boys were trained to serve the king and join the army.

In this land were two warrior brothers. They were strong, and very honorable. Because they were so strong they thought it was unfair for them to fight one enemy together so they always faced their enemies on one on. Juan was the eldest and he was the strongest. Jim was the younger brother, even though Juan was stronger, Jim had more ability and coordination and was known for being able to outsmart all his enemies.

One day the King sent for the two brothers. He desired an audience with them. The boys arrived and were ushered to the Kings rooms at once. The King greeted them saying, “My dear boys, I have a campaign for you. I have heard you two are the best warriors in the land. I need you to find my daughter, the princess, she disappeared last night. I will reward you greatly once you find her and bring her safely home.

Juan answered for them, “We are honored by your belief in us, my King. We will leave at dawn to find and rescue the princess.”

The boys prepared that long cold night. Everyone in the village was quietly awaited dawn. By dawn the boys were prepared, their equipment and packs ready. The boys started out on the road as the sun began to rise.

The only clue to where the princess had been was the smell of her perfume. The brothers followed the light scent to find what no other had been able to find: a secret passage under the mountain. Quietly they lit a torch and stepped into the hidden cave. The brothers walked for what seemed like hours. Finally they came to a chamber deep in the mountain. There, chained to a pedestal was the unconscious princess.

Suddenly, a roar echoed through the cave. They turned as one to see a massive creature; there in the cave under Dragonic was a dragon! The dragon’s roar was so explosive that the inner wall of the mountain began to crack! Juan turned to Jim and said, “I will fight the dragon.” Jim stepped back and sheathed his sword as was their tradition of only one brother fighting an enemy at a time. Juan charged the dragon and fought with all his strength and might. But attack after attack was thwarted by the dragon’s effective blocks. The dragon finally threw Juan to the floor with a thud.

Seeing this Jim jumped in front of the dragon and shouted to Juan, “It’s my turn now!” Jim took his bow and started to shoot at the dragon but again the dragon effectively dodged each and every arrow! Aggravated with the struggle the dragon roared and spit fire from its mouth right at Jim! Before the fire could touch Jim, Juan jumped in front of his brother and protected them both with his shield.

Jim was surprised and almost offended at his brother’s deviation from their honor code but he quickly realized it was necessary if they were to both live and safe the princess. Jim knew exactly what they needed to do to defeat the dragon, they must fight together.

As the dragon closed its roar and the fire ended Juan quickly threw his shield at the dragon and drew his sword running at the dragon. The dragon grabbed Juan’s sword and pulled him up fully focusing on Juan. Jim recognized his opportunity and drew his last arrow. With his perfect aim, his released the string on his bow and the arrow pierced the chest of the dragon. The dragon screamed in pain and released Juan, then turned and flew from the cave.

The brothers working together freed the princess and quickly got her safely from the cave. The brothers returned the princess unharmed to the king. The brothers became well known heroes.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Dragonic/435278

Dragonic 7.2 of 10 on the basis of 1583 Review.