Astrology is the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. Many people look to astrology as a means of predicting what will happen in their future. Such predicting is made through a person's horoscope. This is a person's zodiac sign determined by the month that the person is born in. For the month of December Susan Miller makes her predictions of how the planets affect the zodiac sign Virgo. Family interactions, romance, and changes in the home, are three areas in which she makes her predictions.
Changes in the home are the first areas were S. Miller made her prediction of how the planets will affect the sign of Virgo for the month of December. The new moon on December 1 will bring forth a new energy for the Virgo. This is said to be the perfect time to have painters in to freshen a room or the maintenance people to help clean the rug, wash the windows, or do repairs. Or, you might go shopping to find a handsome piece of furniture or a mirror for your wall.
Another area were S. Miller made her prediction of how the planets will affect the sign of Virgo for the month of December is romance. On December 3 Saturn, the planet that governs love and fun, will be in great angle to the mighty sun, a sure aspect for social success. The moon and Venus will be in Capricorn too, a sign that romance would permeate the air. The new moon that falls at year's end on December 30 will pay off! If single, you may meet someone who truly understands you and who will want to light a path to the stars. In December, whether you are male or female, be a little hard to get and let others come to you.
Finally Miller gave her prediction of how family interaction will be affected, by the planets in the month of December. In this month some Virgos will make special plans for family members, and on that count, if this is your plan, you will see lots of progress. While the fourth house rules your entire family, there is always special emphasis on mother and father in the house, for it is the so-called "cradle" of the chart. Alternatively/ you may get a job offer, but be concerned about family obligations that you will have to take care of too. Someone at home may be very insistent that you put his or her interest first, but you want the reward badly. There has to be a way to bridge the two. Only you can decide.
According to Susan Miller's prediction, it is clearly seen that Virgo has a positive month to look forward to. First, the new moon that brings energy and order into the home. Secondly, the rotation of the planets brings a strong vibration of romance. Finally strong family ties will give Virgo a since of wellbeing in the month of December.

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