Computers and many issues

Computers have many benefits impacts, but unfortunately, end users

experience frustration doing the severity of use of their computer. The

annoyance of losing work when a crash occurs, struggling to understand an

error message or spending too much time clearing spam and viruses, have

become symbolic of the struggles associated with modern technologies.

Computers can be the cause of many problems, and usually at the worst time


Some problems stem from the users' lack of knowledge, poor training,

or unwillingness to read instructions or take tutorials. Often frustration

results from flaws in the computer hardware, software, networking, trouble

interactions among components supplied by diverse manufacture, or the

result of malicious actions by other users.

A number of preliminary research steps are necessary to guide

developers who are working on the goal of making computer usages less

frustrating for users. A first step is to gain a better understanding of what

frustrates users of computers. Then taxonomies of frustrating experiences

can be develop and means to measures their severity and frequency can be

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