1- What is group or team incentive plan? What are their pros and cons?

Team working these days is one of the important concepts to achieve the target in some job, most of the leaders pay attention more to this behavior ant they set their system to increase performance with organization behavior's concept in company and know that they can't get a good result individually.

To increase productivity and performance in terms of team working, the managers should focus on motivating team members to do the best way, the incentive plan for team and group try to encourage and persuade the members for getting more performance in different situations, in the other hand team or group incentive plan is a sort of paying for group's members instead of exceeding the production standard.

There are three ways to calculate team incentive payment; one of these is setting a standard measure for group's performance and calculates each member's output, in this method members will gave incentive amount in three different bases, first all members will be earned by the highest producer, second all the members receive by the lowest producer and the last, all the member receive equal to the average pay earned by the group.
The second method is setting incentive plan by engineered production standard based on the output of the group as a whole, all member will be receive same amount based on pieces rate for group's job (this method can be use piece rate or standard hour plan)
Finally the third method is to tie reward to targets based on some overall standard of group performance, such as total labor hours per final product.

The pros and cons of team incentive plan:

As I mention above much work today is organized around team and group, and we can't achieve high performance just individual, team incentive plan reinforce participation soul in group and help to solve group's problems and increase motivation between the worker and they can rely on each other in tough situation, team...

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