At one time or another, everyone dreams of a perfect life. Whether it’s enjoying a problem-free day at work or a perfect relationship, we often take on difficult tasks in an effort to achieve this goal. Working hard at a job, attending school for many years, or finding ways to help others all represent a great start but often it’s just not enough. Sometimes we may feel we need a little something more to help realize that special moment and Jose Cuervo wants to help. Jose Cuervo’s “Pursue Your Daydreams” print advertisement offers viewers a seemingly casual but direct reminder that lively fun, carefree romance and perfect moments are well within reach as long as you include a nice bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial tequila.

The primarily black and white ad offers a man and woman in beach attire. Both subjects are laughing, their hair wet, and the man is holding the woman up and in his arms. No background is visible, however the subject’s beach attire lends to a warm and sunny beach environment. At the bottom of the ad, a golden liquid freely flows across the page and is anchored on the right by a well defined bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial tequila. Across the page the ads reads “Pursue Your Daydreams” and down below, in the liquid, are the words “Vive Cuervo”. In the background and in very large font are the words “Jose Cuervo Especial”. The font is yellow but faint, and partially obscured by the man and woman.

The woman appears as if she had suddenly and without notice jumped up and wrapped herself around his body, an indication that she’s in a fun and playful mood. No words are being spoken, allowing her behavior and body language to do all the communication necessary. Her hair is wet and free-flowing, and her eyes are closed as she hugs the man. She’s smiling broadly and is perhaps both trusting of him and guided by the influence of a few cocktails. To the woman this moment is undoubtedly perfect. She is sending a clear message that it’s fine to have...

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