How to Write Good Evaluation Essays

An evaluation essay is an essay reviewing and or critically analyzing a subject, for example a book, a movie, or someone’s performance record. It can in essence be about anything but with a point of view that suggests your complete knowledge of the subject and your ability to analyze it in a professional manner. It is basically a measure of how good something is.
But it is never enough to simply state if something is good or bad. You must organize your argument, and build up a framework of evidence, argument and opinion. Here are some pointers on how to prepare and present evaluation essays.
you should have thorough knowledge of the subject at hand, if it’s a book you should read it and make notes on a pad to put into your essay. You should obtain supporting evidence for your points of view. Look for other sources of information as well, don’t restrict yourself.
• Balance your information:-
after your research you should have at hand an array of information about the subject itself, other reviews and evaluations and finally your own opinion. Your final evaluation essay should comprise of a good balance of all three. It is advisable to use other reviews in the body of the essay and end it with your own evaluation.
• Start with an overview:-
You should always start with introducing the subject of your essay, with a brief background narrative, and if it’s a book, a movie or something similar you can give some details about the people behind it and how it came to be and their insight on the book or movie.
•Show analytical maturity:-
even though you want to nudge the reader towards your own opinion you should do it gently and in a seemingly unbiased way. Remember that it will never have the desired effect if you seem biased.Evaluation essays are supposed to be impartial.
• Give the reader some unique information
be it anecdotes, quotes from the text which stand out or anything about the subject that is engaging in nature. quotes from people of prominence about the subject are always well received.
• Make your conclusion count
summarize the content reminding the readers about the key features of your essay and then proceed to ‘pass judgment’ as to how good or bad you think the subject is based on all the information you provided in the evaluation essay. You must assert yourself in the last paragraph and make sure your readers by the end of the essay nod and say to themselves, “yeah, that’s right” when they read your final thoughts.
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