What are Leadership Essays Made Of?

Essay is the general term for the whole lot of essays that one could probably think of. One can imagine the word referred to as the generic name. Its brand can differ according to its type; it could be a leadership essay, a college application essay, an accomplishment essay and etc. Each type follows a common guideline but differ in the content itself.
What is leadership?
Leadership is easily defined as the ability of an individual to pilot its constituents towards one common goal, an objective identified by the whole team. Leadership is something that comes from the inner self of the person; it is manifested and identified by the members.
Is being a leader and a manager the same?
No. A lot of people confuse themselves by thinking that a manager is the same as being a leader. The difference between the two lies on how they function as part of the group. A manager can become a leader but a leader can never become a manager. See some of the major distinction between the two below:
Leader Manager
-not appointed -needs to be elected
-followers look up to their leaders voluntarily -followed according to chain of command
-can empower the entire group -implication of encouragement is optional
-duties can be diverse and are not implied -duties are already laid upon, going beyond one’s task is optional
-limited control & absence of authority -clear line of authority
Basing from the two queries and answers above, do you already have any idea on what leadership essays are all about? If they still seem look vague try answering these helpful questions below:
• Were there times when you proposed a strategy that helped answer a certain dilemma?
• Have you ever encouraged a member/s of your group when they feel like giving up?
• Have you tried sorting out problems between two people within your group (which you know can hinder on the success of the whole team)?
• Have you encouraged your teammates to put out their own ideas?
• Have you provided support to those who have talents?
If you answer yes to any of these questions presented above or questions similar to these then you are portraying the role of a leader! According to Dann (2010), leadership doesn’t depend on the titles and a leadership essay is never synonymous to “achievements.” You don’t have to attain something and there is no need for you to be placed in a distinct position in order for one to become a leader.
How to construct one?
Having an idea on leadership is very important since this avoids unnecessary misunderstanding that could result to invalidation of the paper – which means a waste of time and energy. Before proceeding to writing, it is very important to spend at least 5 minutes by knowing what the subject matter is and another 10 minutes in gathering your own ideas.
Regardless of the type of essay being created, writing a good essay means there is the presence of an introduction, body and conclusion.
• Introduction – short overview of what leadership is all about.
• Body – past experiences wherein leadership is being portrayed.
• Conclusion – short recaps and highlights of the content of your essay.
It is always wise to remember that the construction of leadership essays must be organized and are best made according to one’s experience. Uniqueness and originality are very important factors which can not only be acquired through big events. The content of the essay doesn’t have to sound/look grand for the sake of ostentation, bear in mind that sincerity and the method of delivery counts a lot too.
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