Writing Topics – Choose the Best One, Before Others do

Writing Topics – Choose the Best One, Before Others do
Writing Topics – Guidelines
Essay writing or research paper writing or for that matter any sort of writing requires certain basic standards to be followed. There are certain parameters that a writer should know before he starts to write a paper. The first and the foremost being the essay formats. This is one factor which a writer must know thoroughly and follow religiously. These include the MLA format paper, the APA format paper, the Chicago format and the Harvard paper format. After this, one must know the correct pattern of writing the citations and references, without which no paper is complete or correct. Once all these factors are known then comes the point of choosing topics. There are many writing topics available to choose from. However, one should be very cautious while choosing topics. One should always go for something that he has interest in. Otherwise writing on a topic that does not interest the writer will be like a heavy burden to carry. If one loves doing some thing he will do that well, similarly writing on a topic that is interesting to the writer will ensure that the written article is of good quality. Writing, just for the sake of it or choosing a topic that is showy but does not appeal to the writer will fail to attract readers as well, thus rendering the whole task useless. Thus, choosing a topic of your own liking will make the job of writing more of a fun work rather than being a cumbersome burden. One should also keep in mind while selecting a topic, that it should be appealing to the readers too. Some vague, boring topic which the writer may like, but is generally unappealing to most, best be left aside. So a topic should be interesting to both the reader and the writer. Next, a topic chosen should have some amount of ready material available to research on. An obscure topic with not much research work done on it previously, in all circumstances, is best be left. Last, but not the least, the writer should have some amount of knowledge on the subject chosen, or otherwise the write up will appear vague and show the ignorance of the writer, leading to a negative impression on the reader’s mind.
Choosing a writing topic will largely depend on the subject / course taken up by the student and the instructor. If the professor decides to choose and dictate the topic to his students then there is nothing much one can do about, except finish the essay and submit it within the deadline. If a choice is given, then nothing like it. Keeping in mind the above mentioned points, one can then just go for the kill, before others can take away the best available topics. Based on one’s own liking and the course taken up, there are many topics to choose from, like controversial research topics, argumentative research paper topics, history research paper topics,sociology paper topics or maybe even scientific research topics.
Choosing a writing topic is not at all a difficult job, though it may be a bit confusing at times. Just go through our essay writing examples to check out the various articles written on different topics.

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