accounting for the nature of each link. For example, if there is a metaphorical link, state the metaphor as generally as possible. Or if the link is an image-schema transformation, say what kind it is.
There probably are more senses of side than appear in these sentences. If you find more, include them in your discussion, but be sure to include examples (attested if possible).
Alternative option for students who are non-native speakers of English
Students who are not native speakers of English sometimes find semantics assignments difficult because these assignments rely on native speaker intuitions about meanings as part of their data. For this reason we encourage such students to consult native speakers of English (who are not members of the Semantics class) to gather or confirm intuitions about the data. Students are welcome to do this for the assignment set out above.
A second option available to NNSE students is to do precisely the same assignment, but analyse a comparable lexical item from their own native language rather than the English word side. This could be a translation equivalent for side, or another word (such as a preposition) similar in its diversity of meaning to those we have considered in class: it must not be an item for which a published analysis exists. Students wishing to take up this option would need to provide their own set of example sentences, including translations for Lesley and Lauren. If any students would like to take up this option, they should clear it with Lesley in advance of submitting the assignment.
Marks weighting and marking criteria:
The assignment is marked out of 25 and is worth 25% of the assessment.
All answers should represent your own individual work. This assignment asks you to undertake original
analysis of the data; you are not expected to research the question in the library.
Answers will be assessed on the quality of the analysis and argumentation and the degree to which they
show an understanding of the main principles of the Cognitive Semantic approach.
Extra credit will be given for additional contributions such as other example sentences. Clarity of

Semantics 8.5 of 10 on the basis of 2071 Review.