There once was boy named smith, who got really drunk one Sep 12th, then the next morning his roommates awoke to a ruckus of smiths motto dog tags cling clanging all over in his bed "smith what are you doing?!" said Young Kovacic, one his roommates. Smith said nothing and continued to ever so gently rub Kovacic's feet. "Your sheets are on the ground next to you" commanded Kovacic, this time angry at Smiths games. Smith then moved for the Camel backs and started gingerly play with the handles. "Those aren't yours! Your sheets are over there!" Kovacic protested, this time Casares, also awoken from his slumber by this ruckus, chimed in " Smith what are you doing those aren't yours and your blankets on the ground!" “SHamelL Baq!” mumbled Smith. By this time Smiths roommates where finished playing his little reindeer games and were attempting to go to bed. Smith on the other hand wanted to play on and play on he did. Smith jumped out of bed his pecker blowing in the wind as he dashed for the shower! Casares and Kovacic took this time to investigate Smiths area of living while they had the chance and were shocked at what they saw “…I think he pissed himself!!?!?!” noted Kovacic. “Awww God he did look at his mattress!” pointed out Casares. Horrified the two quickly grabbed a camera and snapped a photo of the piss stain. By this time Smith was done in the shower and instead of drying with a towel he thought he’d air dry by running as fast as he can from the shower to his bed. Out Smith flew running as fast as he legs could carry him, almost tripping he regained his balance and leaped into bed grabbing his blanket on the way. Young Smith then nuzzled up in the pool of urine, cuddled up in his soaked blanket, closed his little eyes and dreamt a dream worth dreaming. –THE END

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