My senior prom night became a comedy of errors when I was asked to represent the Drama Club. I expected it to be a night that dreams are made of; instead, I was provided with a less than perfect evening.
I wanted to give Richard, my date and escort, a dazzling first impression by meeting him at the door in my beautiful Southern belle dress. When Richard arrived, he was met at the door by my father instead of me, and he found my mother lying at my feet on the living room floor, sewing the hem in my formal. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my mother announced that she was finished and that we were late for the prom.
I decided to relax and compose myself in the car, but instead of a comfortable coach, I found a cramped pumpkin awaiting me in the form of a Fiat. As I got inside the car, I realized that most of my dress was still outside. Quickly, I began piling layer after layer of fabric on my lap until it reached the ceiling and obscured my view out of the car windows.
Arriving at the prom in silence, my escort and I were quickly ushered into position behind the other representatives. The procession started; I felt like Cinderella at the ball. While the announcer introduced the representatives and their escorts, I visualized myself walking gracefully up the ramp as the audience looked on.
Before I knew it, the spotlight was on us. As we slowly made our way up the ramp, the announcer introduces us as Judy and Juan. Hearing the names of someone else shocked both of us. Then it happened- as we turned, our feet became entangled in my formal; with a hop, skip, and jump, we tripped down the ramp towards the stairs. Determined to climb the stairs gracefully, I started a slow ascent. Upon reaching the top step, I realized I had also climbed up the inside of my dress and was now on my knees. My escort had to carefully back me down the steps until we could once again make our climb.
As the evening concluded, I realized that with all that happened, only my friends knew the true identity of the two clowns in the procession. Everyone else thought it was Judy and Juan.

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