Fear is a common human emotion that every normal human experiences at least once in their life. Fear works like an instinct and can actually be helpful because it gives signal that you should be careful and alert. However, humans tend to respond to fear by immoral acts, if not psychically by sweating, shaking, and increased heartbeat. Examples of fear can be simple as riding a rollercoaster for the first time, or scared of the dark or it can be like what happened in World War II with the atomic bombs.
The first time I went to Six Flags, I was only a little kid about 8 years old and rollercoaster’s seemed like they were death traps. I always feared on getting on a rollercoaster so I stuck with riding the not so dangerous kind of rides like the spinning teacups. I rode my first rollercoaster last year and in the beginning the ride, I felt scared and didn’t want to go. In response to peer pressure from my brother, I had decided to go on and deal with it. At first, the rollercoaster would go all the way up but after that, I didn’t even realize it was already over and I asked myself, “I was scared of this?”
Being scared of the dark is common among children and even some teenagers and adults. My sister will never go to bed without a nightlight because she complained that she was scared of the dark. If the light would go out, my sister would refuse to sleep because she feared the dark. She would react as if the lights were off, she can’t go to sleep and she would yell or ask someone to be with her. Although, many kids are scared of the dark, and they eventually grow out of it.
During the morning of August 6th, 1945, the United States showed humanity’s place as the only kind of people that have the power to destroy the Earth. The United States bombed Hiroshima and had introduce an emotion that was not part of Japanese culture; fear. The world began to fear if nuclear weapons can do so much damage to one city, that it can even destroy the Earth. Nuclear weapons played a major role in the ending of World War II and also introduced a new type of warfare.
Response to fear varies from people to people and can result in yelling, chaos, and immorality of humans. Whether it is being scared of the dark, riding a rollercoaster or even fear of the destruction of Earth due to nuclear weapons, our response to it can affect us negatively. Nuclear weapons are reasonable to fear which is why Japan had given up in World War II. In my opinion, response to fear is expressed as immorality of humanity.

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