Interviews11Flexibility project Part 1

Allison Lacy
Mrs. Linda L Cook
Study Strategies for College Success
September 21, 2009

In two of my interviews there were two successful students and one unsuccessful student. One of the successful students was an eighteen year old girl. She said one thing that made her successful was ambition. She said that she was motivated to continue a professional career after she graduates. She was aware of the knowledge and skills. The main thing was characteristics for her career. She has knowledge of the diploma is not the main objective for when she graduates. Another thing that made her successful was curiosity. She showed interest in the class and subjects. She also looked up anything she did not understand so she could be ready for class discussions. The third thing she said that made her a successful was her attitude. She always had positive attitude going into class. She had determination. The fourth thing was attendance. If she was not in class she missed a lot of work or information so she made it priority to be in class to get the information. She also said that the attendance was important because the purpose for enrollment was to learn. The last thing for her being a successful student she said was preparation. Her assignments were always completed, accurate, and neatly written.
For the unsuccessful student said the same ideas as the successful student. The ambition, attendance, preparation, curiosity, and attitude. Her thoughts on the ambition was she found it difficult to fulfill her dreams of going to school for intended major. She was unaware of what she had to do to succeed. The idea of attendance was she could never get out of bed for class or she had partied the night before and felt to bad to go. Now for the preparation was not being there to get it and not being able to make it up, or turn it in but not completed. In her mind the curiosity was because she had to nor because she wanted to. Her attitude was that she did not care. She showed up to what she did because she had to. Her idea for she would overcome her difficulties would be to show up to class and work harder. She would also realize that she messed her future up because she did not care about college enough to take interest in it.
My professor I interviewed said the three factors she would expect to see in a successful student would be to be committed. Which means they want to be in school. They have in their minds that they have to be there but in the same context they want to be there. The second factor is that they are willing to work. They like to do their homework and they do it well and right the first time. The last factor was they get help when needed. This means, in my mind, that they do not wait until the end when they need to turn it in. Her three different factors for which historically caused student to fail college. The number one was they party to much. Which means that they are in college to have a good time and put to little time in class. The second on has occurred up top which is they do not attend class. They are to hung over or to tired to come to class. The last one is that their parents said they had to be there. They do not come on their own.
The last interview I thought was very important for people to know about. This last person I interviewed is a 43 year old woman. She had told me that she had been out of school ten years before she first went to college. The first thing she said was that the most difficult parts of being successful student their first year is feeling out of place. She felt out of her comfort zone. The next thing she said was being out of school so many years which means the adjustments. And the last thing is relearning how to study. The most amazing part of the story is when she was 21 when she was pregnant. Then six years later she had a son. On the top she had decide to go back to school. She said the hardest part was having the kids and she could not find a babysitter for them. The amazing thing is she did not let that stop her. Even though she had no babysitter she took the kids to school with her. After her bachelors degree she stop going to school and got a job. Now she is 43 years old and going back to school for another two years for her last degree in accounting. The way she overcame her difficulties was interaction with others. She found that it helped her with her confidence and finding people her age that felt the same way she did. This was the most interesting interview that I have had during the project. It gave me the confidence to keep going even though I had doubts before I made the decision to go to college. I thought that I would take a year off then I kept hearing in my head that I should go. Now hearing Tina’s story, I am glad I did it. Thank you for giving us this project I learned a lot that I did not know about the people I have known for years.

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