DorianThe Vanity Mirror… No, Painting
Sue Lee
Period 11
An everlasting life, filled with pain, evil, love, magic, and a handsome face. Is it a life that you want? The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a classic novel set in London, suitable for readers 13 years and up. Published in 1890 and made up of 229 pages, this read is an instant hit with all readers.
This book is about how a handsome young man named Dorian Gray basically sells his soul to the devil, so he could switch places with his portrait that Basil Hallward painted. Lord Henry Wotton corrupts Dorian by getting into his head that being handsome is the most important thing. So, Dorian remains young and handsome forever, while his portrait shows the contents of Dorian’s real soul. All wrinkled, ugly, and evil-looking. The main characters are Dorian Gray, an intelligent young man who is led astray by looks and riches; Lord Henry Wotton, a man who believes that the key to be successful in life is to be young, handsome, and rich; and finally, Basil Hallward, a good, kind man that is smitten with Dorian, and while he tries to look after him, he gets backstabbed, quite literally.
The lesson of this book is that vanity leads to moral corruption. What I liked about this book was that Oscar Wilde does an amazing job bringing to life the characters and settings of the book. The imagery is so real. He also does an amazing job combining fantasy with harsh reality. The fantasy part is changing places with a portrait, and the reality of it is how changed you can become if you care all about looks, and don’t care about value.
So is an everlasting life worth all the negative sides and a handsome face? No, it’s not. Read The Picture of Dorian Gray if you want to find out how Dorian Gray deals with his fate of everlasting life.

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