by Jerry Spinelli
Crash by Jerry Spinelli is about a young man named John Coogan. Everyone calls John Crash except for one boy named Penn Webb. Everyone calls him Crash because when he got his football helmet for Christmas his Uncle Herm's family came over to see his presents and when they opened the door Crash growled “hut, hut,hut” and plowed straight through Herm's daughter, Bridget, knocking her on her butt into a foot of snow.
Penn was named after the Penn Relays. His parents let his great-grandfather name him. Penn was a very strange kid who had just moved there from North Dakota. Penn was a scrawny little boy who wore glasses.
The summer before first grade Crash met Penn. Penn was walking down the street in front of Crash's house while Crash was playing outside. Crash was a very mischievous boy and jumped in front of Penn and would not let him through.
Penn told Crash his name and put out his hand for Crash to shake, and asked what Crash's name was. Crash did not tell him his name, but rather made fun of Penn's. Crash eventually had enough and ripped Penn's button off his shirt and sent him home with his feelings hurt.
Crash did not think he would be seeing Penn anymore after that, but sure enough Crash was riding his bike one day passed Penn's house and Penn ran out and stopped him. Penn wanted crash to come inside with him and see his turtle. Crash made up an excuse and went home.
Years passed and another boy moved to the neighborhood. His name was Mike Deluca. Mike moved there from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mike and Crash were hanging out at Crash's house one day when Penn was walking his turtle down the street. Mike asked Crash about Penn and Crash told him everything about what he had seen. Crash told him that about everything he had done to Penn and that recently, he just didn't even bother with him.
The start of the seventh grade comes and Mike and Crash are still best friends. It's the first day of school and everyone shows up early that day to show off their new clothes they got during the summer. Crash and Mike both see a very pretty girl that has come to school and are trying to figure out who it is. Crash gets the courage to go over and ask her what her name is. She tells them her name is Jane Forbes.
The boys both decide to try out for the football team. Last year, they were just bench warmers because, they were sixth graders; but now, their seventh graders and nothing will hold them back from becoming starters.
The first day of practice comes and the team is great this year. The funny part of practice that day is Crash and Mike looked over at the cheerleaders and find out that Penn Webb is one of them.
Mike and all the other kids start making fun of Penn all the time. Crash starts feeling guilty about hurting Penn's feelings. Crash has to apologize to Penn and becomes friends with Penn. Mike and Crash eventually grow farther apart, and Penn becomes Crash's best friend.
I liked this book because it was interesting and about sports and I love sports. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes interesting sport stories.

Crash 7.7 of 10 on the basis of 2505 Review.