There was a point in my life were I guess it changed me in many ways. It was in the middle of May, and I was just fifteen years old, it was a typical day like no other when my dad and mom surprise me with very good news. “We have received a letter saying that we have to go to Stratford to receive our “Green Card,” my mother said. I was very happy, with a thousand emotions that I can’t explain. I was finally able to see my grandparents once again and also my whole family.
June 20, it was our last day in school and our last day in United States, we were so excited to see everyone, except my baby brother who didn’t had any idea what was going on. He was just four years old; the only thing he knew was that we were not going to be in our house for a long time. When we got to the airport we saw our family waiting for us, I can’t forget that moment of happiness, it’s a very important memory for me. When we got to my grandmother’s house everyone was there to celebrate our welcoming, and I was happy to see my cousins once again. While I was in Ecuador, I enjoyed every single day that I spent with my family. Until one day my parents decided to make an appointment with the dentist, because they wanted to get my teeth fixed. So they did and I got my teeth fixed however it did cause me a lot of pain.

My second trip to Ecuador, was amazing at the beginning, I got spend time with my cousins, and went everywhere with them. However I had a little problem, I couldn’t breath right and I ended up in the hospital. My family thought it was asthma, but it wasn’t, it was my nose that started to close in the inside while every time it change climate. My mom consulted with a doctor, and he told her I should get an operation quickly, so I did get an operation on my nose, I couldn’t enjoyed my vacation that much because I was on the bed the whole day. I got to spend time with my grandfather; he used to go to my room while I was lying down watching TV, because I couldn’t be outside. My grandfather used to bring some candy, or sometimes we used to watch our favorite show together. When our vacation was over, we went to the airport, half of our family came with us to say goodbye. I hate saying because it gets me really sad, especially that day when I said goodbye to my grandfather, I felted like I was never going to see him again.

After the operation, I felt very well, I could breathe easily. But then I was getting really bad, I started to sneeze a lot and it was way too much. But I did not put much importance, when one day October 8, 2008 my grandfather died and I started very badly, I cried non-stop, I wanted to go to my country to see him. I had to get permission from my college to be absent for a week, my family could not believe it. When we got to Ecuador, my mom left the car very fast and went to the house. My grandfather was laying there, she cried a lot, and I could not believe it, it gave me very hard in the chest, I began to see things differently that day that my grandfather died, but I do not know why I picked up as anger wing aver not been there with my grandfather when needed most. One night our whole family had gathered to console the one to another, recalling happiest moments with my grandpa when I started to sneeze again. My aunt realized what I had and she started to tell my mom that I had was bad for me and it was not normal because she thinks the doctor who operated on me was a bad operation. Her daughter had the same problem just liked me and she had another surgery. The next day my mom took me to the most expensive clinic and confirmed that my aunt was right. The doctor had done a bad surgery and I had to get another surgery again. However, by that time I didn’t because I couldn’t miss my classes.
Once again my mother and I planned my operation; we prepare everything I needed for me to stay in Ecuador more than a month. To tell the truth I did not want to go because I was so afraid to have surgery again, because the first time I found it very ugly and very painful but I had to be strong and also I the company of my grandfather when I was alone. But this time he was not there and I thought no one would be with me when I felt for. Also, I was going to leave my boyfriend here, and would not get away from him, but he advised me that I had to get operation for the sake of mine. Once being there I did what I had to do, I went to fieldtrips with my family, I went to a beautiful concert of favorite singers with my cousins, and I also had an ugly adventure helping a dog where he was hit by a car. When I knew it was time for me to have the surgery, I was very nervous but I knew that my parents were with me. Once the doctor gave me the anesthesia, I closed my eyes and I do not remember anything. When I woke up, I felt much pain and felt dizzy. My dad first saw me as suffering and he did not liked what I had been through, he became very nervous and tried to console me. When the doctor released me, I started to walk but I felt so bad and I faint, my cousin picked up and he quickly took me to his car. My mom had all the instructions and put me to rest in the room where my grandfather’s room.

Days passed and every day they made me better, my parents had to return to the U.S. and my brother and I stayed until I fully recover. Once I took all these bandages I had in my nose, the shape of my nose looked different, because I was small and had straight, like a nose of an actress. Allegedly the operation was to fix it my breath, but doctors wanted to improve my profile of the nose, and I want to be honest, I liked. I felt that I looked different; I look good and felt very well. Since everything was fine and the operation was a success my brother and I could go back to our house, my uncles and my aunts prepare all my bags, my cousins and I went shopping for clothes and my brother was sad, he did wanted to leave because he had such a great time with his new friends that he made. I was very excited I was leaving but at the same time I felt sad because I got so used to my family, but also I was anxious to see my parents and my boyfriend. We said good bye to our grandmother and our whole family, I had good times with my cousins, and I have unforgettable memories with them.

When the plane landed in the airport John F. Kennedy, my brother was anxious to see my parents and I was too. When we got our bags and started to walk towards the people, I felt very nervous because I saw everyone was looking at me, I started to wonder if they knew I had a surgery on my nose. It was silly of me to think that, but once I saw parents and my boyfriend I was very happy. I hugged my mother and my dad and went running up to my boyfriends’ arms. I missed them so much. My boyfriend was surprised to see me so change. He said it was amazing what they have done to me. If his reaction was like that I started to imagine how my friends will react to my new appearance.

When we got home I took a long rest, I felted like I never slept before, and I started to remember the good times I spend with my family.

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