Then and Now
Back in the days did you know it had big people style and children clothes? Now it’s hard to tell who the parent from the child is.
(They all in the same style)
Back then it had something call “big people talking” as a child, one eye roll from the adult was all you need. Now parents could roll their eyes till it fall to ground. (The child don’t get it)
Back then if a child was caught doing something wrong the neighbor was free too cut his tail. Now “why she don’t mind her own business, watch your child before you watch mine!” QUESTION: parents are we responsible for our child’s behavior?
I can make a list of then and now but what is more important is doing something that will make a difference.
So today I want to ask all the kids like myself to make a difference. Let’s go divali day to the old man or lady in our village. Yes you know! The same old man or lady that you might mumble ‘Yuh them old people so miserable.
Today I’m here to tell you hold that taught, and let’s think for a second. Could it be the old person is miserable from loneliest?
Now that is something to think about?
Today we are all so busy in our own lives that we forget how we came here in the first place.
That old person in your village is what we refer to as “Jahagie bhi” they are the ones who toil the soil in order for us to have a better life today. They are the foundation of our village, our community or town.
Today I am asking, you know on divali day when mummy finish making all the nice sweets instead of choosing out the best to take for our friends the next day, let’s choose the best in a nice little package fill with food and take it to the old villager. Sit with him or her for a moment, cause as you know the “old are the wise”
To my brothers and sisters let’s lead by example. Let’s start by saying Sita Ram, good morning or Assalam u Alaikum cause it’s the little things in life that makes the difference.
How many of you here are willing to testify the frustration on divali evening when its time to sit and pray the disturbance of bamboo busting on that said hour.
I find it to be difficult and so I say to all my brothers and sisters. A family that pray together stays together.
Let us on that special hour on divali day join hand in pray to the goddess Jai Lakshmi maa for she is the giver of health, wealth and happiness, which we all need in our lives.

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